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Top Organics and Non-GMO Guys Back Monsanto and Halliburton Affiliated Company

September 4, 2011

By Barbara H. Peterson

Farm Wars

The Green PolkaDot Box is a new online “organics” store that is set to open in early October. It is an online buying club that is soliciting memberships. According to Mike Adams, this club is being supported by none other than Natural News, the Organic Consumer’s Association, and The Institute for Responsible Technology.

Something significant is happening in the organic foods industry: There’s a new player on the block, and its name is Green PolkaDot Box. It’s a new online organic store that’s launching in just a few weeks, and it has the potential to save organic and non-GMO consumers thousands of dollars a year on foods and health products. (Natural News)

Good news? On the surface, this seems like an excellent idea. However, upon further investigation, it appears that The Green PolkaDot Box is not what it seems to be. I went to the products page on the company’s website and looked up one of its products – Earth’s Best. Earth’s Best sells USDA Certified Organic baby food. The products that I saw did not have the 100% Organic label, nor did they have any type of non-GMO certified label. Why? Maybe because Earth’s Best is owned by the Hain Celestial Group, which is also represented by the Box.

But who owns Hain? Let’s just follow the money, and go to the NASDAQ site to find out the company’s current stock ownership…


No sacred cows here.

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