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RT Publishes 1995 Ratko Mladic Interview

September 7, 2011 Not defending the man, except that his adversaries were probably worse.

(image source)

I would have liked to show you the full documentary RT aired today, but sadly it’s not available online. There is another side to the Serb-Kosovo conflict that our media will not tell, which is the atrocities committed by the extremist Islamic forces (with Nato/UN backing) against Serbs. All we hear about is Srebrenica, but other atrocities by the Muslims preceded that.

Of course, if you have the right patches and blue hemlets, it’s not possible to commit a war crime while delivering depleted uranium with a half life of billions of years into the soil, isn’t that true?

Sadly leftists haven’t done much to tell the truth about the atrocious NATO/UN intervention in the Balkans, because after all, the people getting bombed there were white. Who cares about them?

The ‘Kosovo conflict’ is not the first time, and not the last, that ‘western’/NATO/UN powers find themselves on the same side as Islamic extremists. Y’know, like…uh…Libya today? and, Afghanistan 1980s?

Aren’t ‘we’ supposed to be fighting against this mortal foe, a phantasmic ever changing undefeatable international Islamic terror network? Isn’t that what the so called ‘war on terror’ is about?

For now I’ll leave you to enjoy that extra plate of cognitive dissonance.

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  1. September 8, 2011 08:00

    The War on Serbia is called ‘Albrights War’, a Hebrew immigrant to the USA via England, and complete Crown /Rothschilds loyalist. She was the USA Secretary of State who lead the effort for regime change for Serbia under Clinton and was a behind the scene mover for Kosovo so called Revolution which Tony Blair really spearheaded for the Crown, much like Kevin Rudd to advance in the Crown’s esteem had to start the Libyan conflict up at the UN and make sure Americans died and got stuck with the bill while not sending a single Aussie, Engbrew or Anglo to die.

    After Christian Serbia sided with Russia and cutting Rothschilds and Rockefeller off from a key oil pipeline route to bring oil from the Caspian Sea overland to Europe, Albright was well documented to have flown in Al Qaueda/Islamic Mercenaries to start the murdering up in Serbia to Justify the war and regime change. It was covered by quite a few years back. After that conflict the USA built a massive secret military base next to the pipeline route. In addition Serbia/Kosovo have massive untapped oil and natural gas reserves and mineral reserves. Something I have documented as well. Large enough Reserves to attract the Crown of Englands interest. Large enough for small crown owned firms to get ‘contracts’ to develop from Kosovo.

    The hate filled Kosovo Muslims conspire with the Hebrews who live among them to make a Kosovo a Heroin running route up into Russia/Europe. In fact after the so called Islamic revolution in Kosovo they put up a statute of Tony Blair the crowns Drug point man at the time.

    All roads lead to London and Buckingham palace. The English royals are the biggest dope dealers in the history of the world. Damn them all to hell for that destruction of life. I despise and loathe it.

    I researched Blairs background many years ago, he is 3/4 Anglosaxon and 1/4 Hebrew on his mothers side. His fathers side may have had Hebrew blood but it is not as certain as his mothers side. I covered his background a number of years ago at one of my prior locations. The spooks blasted that database off the face of the web after confiscating it and shutting the website down I was running.

    England, Israel, who can really tell the difference. I can’t most all of the English at least from the upper crust looks completely like Hebrews to me.

    Who is Tony Blair’s idol none other than Satan’s Jester Mick Jagger who Blair said he tried to model his career as PM upon. No doubt.

    Living next to the English anyone can identify with the Palestinian struggle for Freedom.

  2. September 8, 2011 08:02

    i meant to say serbian struggle for freedom.

  3. September 8, 2011 09:56

    thanks for the insight. I just remember Allbright as the one who said 500,000 dead Iraqi children due to UN sanctions was “worth it”! Swine!

    Palestinian, Serbian, American, is there a difference when you’re under occupation?

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