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England Instigated World War Two

September 9, 2011

“Seen in this light, London’s behavior in the 1920s and 1930s takes on a certain rationality. Schultze-Rhonhof explains that London’s aim was one of cornering the Reich in such a way that it would invariably end up fighting, only to be defeated once and for all and, as Churchill said, “gutted and dismembered”. Vansittart’s own words were: “…the German Reich … has got to go under, and not only under, but right under”.

At the time of the Munich crisis, such a policy could not be implemented because Britain was not yet strong enough and American aid was quite uncertain; another year was needed to reach a level of rearmament which would allow Britain to fight Germany, but the time frame was narrow, because this window of opportunity would close in the early 1940s, once Germany had completed her own preparations.

The complete crumbling of the Czechoslovak state in the spring of 1939 – after Poland had already ripped out the Teschen area within a month of Munich – led to the decision of the country’s president, Hacha, to visit Berlin. Slovakia had become independent; Hitler made today’s Czechia a German protectorate; Hacha remained at his post and the country survived WW2 without major damage.

Once, however, Germany claimed Danzig and a corridor through the Corridor, England extended an unsolicited, unenforceable and never executed guarantee to Poland which prompted Warsaw to become deaf to all German proposals. Britain now had an excuse to declare war, but Hitler, while being a convenient scapegoat, was no longer of any importance….”

The German people only wanted to get out of the Versailles debt trap they were being held in by the British, US and French governments after WW1. Sadly they allowed an insane, occultist, Rothschild, London puppet to ‘lead’ them, by which I mean, lead them to destruction! There is a reason we are bombarded with eternal propaganda about Hitler this, Nazi that, evil evil evil,/ Allies loving innocent and good and all that is right with the world. Not true! Not that simple! Generic ‘white guilt’ is nothing compared to ‘German guilt’*. They get taught basically that their entire grandparents/great-grandparents generation were evil Jew-killing blood thirsty maniacs, and that Germans have always been hateful people and ‘antisemites’. England hate Germans so much even to this day, yet I never have understood why. History is written by the victors, no doubt.

*also bear in mind that Germany barely got involved in colonialism, they only had a couple of colonies in the late 1800s. In fact the rise of Germany at that time seemed to threaten anglo/rothschild hegemony in Europe and so, something had to be done, hence ww1.

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