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Tarpley: Euro Banking Panic Raises Probability Of False Flag Terror

September 9, 2011

The leading factor compelling the Anglo-American power elite into a new false flag terror adventure is the now rapidly worsening breakdown crisis of the European and US banking systems. Almost 2 years of Anglo-American financial warfare against the euro, generally taking the form of credit default swap (CDS) assaults on European government bonds, have now created an extraordinarily serious crisis. There is presently a list of at least one dozen large European banks, each of whom is a candidate to play the role of Lehman Brothers in the blowup which can now be expected for some time over the next two months. This includes the top British banks. This crisis is almost exclusively the handiwork of the City of London and Wall Street, and they have created it in order to relieve pressure on the dollar, and to neutralize the threat to the future role of the dollar as the world reserve currency. [AdamS note – don’t forget about those special drawing rights.]

A second and related problem is represented by the first meeting yesterday of that extralegal pseudo-judicial organism which the American people are increasingly referring to as the Twelve Tyrants. This is the infamous Super Committee or Super Congress, an entity which exists in clear violation of the United States Constitution. If, according to one likely scenario, the Twelve Tyrants, the Congress, and Obama fail to agree on a common program of genocidal austerity against the American people, and automatic budget guillotine will come down around Christmas of this year, and will begin cutting $60 billion per year out of the Pentagon budget. According to a number of observers, this prospect by itself is sufficient to move the intelligence old boys of the rogue network to stage a substantial new terror stunt to protect their current level of funding. If new terror attacks occur, it will be much harder to cut the Pentagon budget. Having been deprived of the Cold War 20 years ago, these bellicose militarists do not intend to be deprived of their ersatz Global War on Terror, and they are prepared to go far off the reservation to assert themselves…

‘Conspiracy Theorists’, Not The Government, Keep People Safe From Terror

Since the new mantra is that terrorists are white middle class males, ie tea party types, nationalists, people against globalisation and cultural marxism, etc, you can expect more people fitting these demographics will be among the future ‘terror suspects’ paraded around as the reason why you need a police state to be ‘safe’.

I heard on AJ show today that a terror attack on a plane was thwarted this week. Why were they doing a ‘drill’ with live explosives instead of fake ones? Let’s be thankful for whoever it was that messed up that little plan, either by stupidity or subversive action.

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