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Harvest of Hypocrisy? UK opium poppy farming kept hush-hush

September 11, 2011

Isn’t this great? Now they don’t need to invade Afghanistan anymore, just grow it at home!

Disinfo abound in this video. First of all, the notion that ‘The Taliban’ are the opium growers, makes no sense at all, since the Taliban during their rule of Afghanistan in 1999-2001, declared poppy growing ‘un-Islamic’ and proceeded to more or less completely stamp it out. Then ‘we’ invaded 1800s style and lo and behold, poppy growing skyrocketed. Britain has been fighting wars to protect and expand their opium trade for nearly two centuries now. This ties in to their historical desire to crush Russia (and, speaking of Russia, you know the heeb Marx spent most of his life in London – another Rothschild agent – the Soviet revolution was overwhelmingly a ziofascist revolution). Today a lot of that opium from Afghanistan is directed at Russia. I do not believe for a second that UK or US troops are destroying opium crops, except as a token gesture or perhaps if they belong to independent growers. (Just like the Drug War back home.) On the contrary, we have a lot of proof that the real policy is to promote opium growth. Something that the Taliban never did, so it’s no good blaming them for the proliferation of opium.

opium production in Afghanistan – source – the fall in 2001 is the Taliban banning poppy growing. Thankfully ‘some Islamic nutjobs’ ‘from Afghanistan‘, attacked America that year and the Anglo-American liberation of the sacred poppies could begin in earnest.

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  1. September 11, 2011 19:48

    Yes AdamS, crime is the underpinning of all economic activity. Crime is the default exchange. Murder and slavery the means of given token, taxed. Beelzebub’s paupers would understand but our best economists, of the Frankfurt and Chicago pigstyes, just cannot get their heads round that luxurious usurious paradox! Funny that. Just like 9/11. DIcke Keystone coppery par excellance. Just like the gate that was mysteriously opened in Byzantium at the fall. Money worshipping heathen abound.

  2. September 11, 2011 20:44

    what is little known but after many years of reading I determined the crown first ‘sold’ the first opium trading license to Matheison -Jardine, Anglo Royals, who then went ‘legit’ and opened a crown banking empire in Asia. HSBC was also founded on drug money. Then the license was sold to the Hebrews Rothschilds and his partner, Sassoon, who then also established big banking empires, including HSBC, then the license got sold to the Bush and Rockefeller families, who also used the money for banking empires. What I was never able to determine is what the crown cut was, although indirectly it looks like they take 20 % or so off the top just for themselves. I mean you have to pay MI6 off, the Mossad off, the CIA off, the top Generals offs, and your growers and smaller dealers and the police in the major cities. Only operating depreciated nuclear power plants approaches drugs in gross profit margins. Keep up the good work, you’re on fire. just make sure you check your car for tracking devices and not to date any Engbrew type of girls. if you’re iq is too high they will try and absorb your bloodline by sending a female after you. the level of control they have goes very deep, simply as few can break out of the thought control corral. if i recall my bible one of the judgement of the Lord for destroying the city of 7 hills (london) is they would not repent of their witchcraft and drug dealing. that is not ‘rome ‘ as the british-israel so called bible scholars like to claim. the assault of anglosaxon lies from the pulpit and media equals the assault of lies from the rabbis and hebrews in the media although once in a blue moon a hebrew breaks down and tells the truth or close to it. where are the anglo-truth tellers and anglo-masonic reactionaries. that is a very damning indictment of english, there are none. Where are the Makows among the English who have awoken out of their brainwashing. There are none that I can see. The english have the greater damnation for their silence and saying they are a Christian nation when they are a nation of pirates, witches, sodomites, murders, liars, thieves and war mongers. other than this Haw fellow who I think they murdered he was the only true dissident since Douglas Reed among the English. In America you can find plenty of dissidents. You might say we are a nation of political dissenters still. only the heavy hand of the Zionists and their Masonic cousins has gagged us. great job. and thanks and much appreciation for the truth you bring that island of sodomites Anglosaxon ‘royals’ and ‘chosen people’.

  3. September 11, 2011 20:52

    Incoming, long time no sea. How are the repairs going? Let us know if you plan on leaving dry dock and returning to the open ocean.

    I guess we’re just impolite not to engage in the niceties of mass murder and destruction known as ‘moderate’ politics and economics. How rude of us.

    You use the steak knife for human flesh you buffoon! The steak knife! And don’t forget your napkin to catch the blood. Maybe some day you will stop being so wild and extreme, and learn civilisation and manners, says the heathen.

  4. September 11, 2011 21:13

    Thanks zgr. I will do, I will do, I won’t do, and I understand.

    Borrowing from AJ again for a moment, the frustrating thing is, I’m not that intelligent really, no more than 125-130. More people should be able to see, it’s not that hard.

    Speaking of AJ, I heard him last week being asked to name the ‘Big Six Megabanks’ he always talks about. So he’s trying to think, Bank of America, Goldman Sachs, Citibank, uh…

    Never got to HSBC. Ah well, memory can be such a pain.


  1. English Crown Working To Destroy Christian Russia With Heroin | The ZGR

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