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Links 13/Sep/11

September 13, 2011

Marking 9/11, Israeli Leader Warns of ‘Ultimate Terrorist Nightmare’ (he should know)

Charlie Skelton: How The World Changed After 9/11

(image source)

Explosion Hits French MOX Nuclear Site (guess reactors blowing sky high is the new ‘normal’…nothing to see here)

Why Perry the Phony Fears Ron Paul…

Age of Austerity: Italy town rebels against Rome, wants own currency

Don’t Tread On Me: New Shoe Scanner Technology Coming To Airports

Mel Gibson’s punishment? – developing film about Jewish hero

Nazi girl, 16, sentenced to read Anne Frank diary (the beginning of soviet style re-education for thought criminals perhaps? They always go after Nazis etc first. What next, global warming ‘deniers’ forced to watch Al Gore’s televangelism?)

‘Climate of fear’ sees children as young as seven taking knives into classroom

Travellers accused of enslaving four men in ‘squalid camp’

The Travellers: Ireland’s Ethnic Minority

Giant Snake Found In Whitehall!

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