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Alex Jones – Alfred Adask – You’re Nothing But Cattle To Them!

September 14, 2011

Adask has some interesting things to say, once Jones lets him speak :)

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  1. September 14, 2011 15:25

    AdamS that is an interesting confluence of topics there. Intellectual Property rights and continuance of the iCSI crime scene. If the two gentlemen were to continue backwards in time into the parts of the old testament that got chopped for various reasons, they would find that in the creation myth the ownership of mankind is described,i.e. the property rights, intellectual and physical.

    The curious thing about the UKplc is that it has deindustrialised, deengineered and destroyed scientific endeavour in all but two areas.

    Engineering fiat money systems and human genome research.

    Very curious indeed.

  2. September 14, 2011 20:51

    Good points. I guess we thought all those Technopoles they promised us, the hi tech Venus Project stuff, was going to benefit us? Hahahaha. Eat, shit and die rabble scum.

    It’s just another example of how everything is soured by ‘globalist’ presence. Their ‘science’ is the science (or, dark art) of controlling human herds. And then if you oppose the GM agenda for instance, or eugenics back in the day, or the MMGW lunarcy today, you get pegged as being ‘anti science’. Not exactly scientist material myself, but if I wasn’t before, I definitely wasn’t after being shuvveled propaganda about GW and vaccines and GM and other brainfart posing as ‘science’.

    Likewise for economics I guess although that is not taught at all for the vast majority of people, ha, ha, best they don’t figure out how they are enslaved, or how simple the mechanisms of their slavery really are.

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