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Cameron, Sarkozy Given ‘Hero’s Welcome’ in Libya

September 15, 2011

You have to marvel at the power of the psychopath sometimes.

What the crowd was really thinking: look, we’re cheering! Don’t send the rebels after us!

What SarkCam were really thinking: ugh, the filthy goyim, they’re worshipping us…bask in the glory!…we’ll get them later with the depleted uranium. HAHAHAHAHA

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  1. September 15, 2011 16:15

    Yes AdamS I recognise some of those guys from Baghdad square. Central casting could only fill one flight of stairs! When Lady Gaga turns up the minions usually crush themselves to death on any stairwell and available surface. Those ladies in the headgear will be shipped out first class back to the segregated beaches and gated communities of their beloved slave state in the Gulf somewhere. Where’s Bonnie and Germaine demanding integrated sand dunes and burning head scarves then? Silly me it is ALL a piss take.

    Oh what larks!! No one ever mentions that Nazi Germany from 1937 did exactly as we have been doing since 1997. No decleration of war but dead people everywhere! Well that’s the TGGT for you. Tavistock Goebbels Gobshite Towers. I wonder who the 1937 Nazi equivalent of Kate Silverton was? Or the 1955 Kremlin equivalent of Huw Edwards?


  2. alan greenspan permalink
    September 15, 2011 17:46

    i looked up carla brunis heritage once as i can read italian. sephardic hebrew on moms side. samcam, aka lady astor is like her husband and engbrew although cameron is said by the rabbis to be in the line of moses and a relative of henry tudor the first english king we have record of being 1/2 hebrew and 1/2 wasp. in reality like all the english elite his family had the crowns drug running license and then went into banking, like sassoon, rothschilds, jardine, matheison, bush, rockefeller, barrymore, etheridge. you really cant find one modern day english or english-hebrew banking family who did not get their wealth from drugs one way or another in the last 200 years who then went ‘respectable’. only the crown and the crowns soldiers make it possible and that is why the royals are worshipped. they make their lords rich. samcam is but ugly, hebrew and english get you butt ugly. bruni as she is about 3/4 italian noble blood and 1/4 sephard is not a bad looking gal. i posted a video of her in german teaching youg german girls to say ‘do you like my titties’ in french, italian, etc’. bruni has sucked an enormous number of english penises, including mick jagger, nate rothschilds, etc. it is hard to find someone she has not slept with among the uppercrust. her sexual star was waning so she married the midget. he is a hungarian-hebrew and greek-hebrew mix or ashkenazi -sephardi like Prince Phillip which explains why he got along with him so well. we gentiles get better looking with age, by 20 it all over for the English and their hebrew cousins.

  3. September 15, 2011 18:47

    Thanks for the comments gentlemen.

  4. September 15, 2011 19:10

    alan, you’ll love this.

    When I was chatting with my ChiComm buddy recently, about the wonders of the ChiComm pirate Bullet Trains, and huge crash recently, and Maglevs; in the slaver state, both he and those gathered could not get their heads round the fact that Cam’s great grand uncle, I believe, was part of the group financing the Japanese Emperor to *£^% over the Chinese. Part of RCE/LC decree then when screwing China was no mines and NO RAILROADS. Of course no one remembers that, apparently, RCE/NY became the top dog soon there after.

    How things have changed when the West has been looted at last.


    • alan greenspan permalink
      September 15, 2011 19:53

      nothing surprises me about those cameron b@stards opium running scum. the english and hebrew think they are going to ride the chinese dragon and per the FT, they are going to ‘tame’ the russian bear, putin. i hope the chinacoms and russians blow london to hell and that evil k-ke queen of theirs. there are swarms of mossad in china, israel is funding them to go the top chinese universities, taking away spots from deserving chinese and getting a ‘cheap’ education. i would not be surprised if that maglev train was sabotage. rockefeller and the crown own the competing firms. the japanese tried to break with the crown and get under china wings and patch up their past sins with high tech, and got fukushima the israel-australia sabotage ‘hit’ job for it. now the japs do again whatever rockefeller says. prince charles himself wrote the ‘warning’ letter to the emperor of Japan to get back in line or else. our new k-ke god as prince phillip has gone mad, as has his wife. congential with the royal engbrews. reagan went mad, thatcher went mad, churchill went mad, edward the 7 was mad, george the 2nd was mad. crazy english royal and their crazy first cousins from israel. cameron, the violent femme. that is the way i think of all english, violent femmes.

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