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An English Survivor of ‘Brave New England’

September 16, 2011

“English ex-pat David Richards, 24, lives near the beach in Dalian in North East China. He contrasts the civility of life there with the decadence of Brighton Beach and English life in general.

by David Richards

Two cities I have visited, Brighton in England and Dalian in China, possess beaches that are startlingly similar. Yet the behavior by each set of holiday-goers couldn’t be more different.

Dalian beach is a wholesome environment where families relax and elderly people do Tai Chi. Brighton beach is a scene of vice and depravity, hosting drug-fuelled raves and gay sex.

I currently live in Dalian, a prosperous coastal city in North Eastern China. The city has many beaches to cater for wealthy Chinese holiday-goers.

One particular beach is very reminiscent of a traditional English seaside holiday. There is a fairground with a rickety Ferris wheel, bumper cars and arcade games. There are stalls selling candyfloss and ice cream. Extended families play card games under parasols and children play in rock pools.

The beach is also pebbled and has a pier; characteristics that make it look virtually identical to Brighton beach. The similarity ends there…”


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  1. Aeve permalink
    September 17, 2011 11:20

    It sounds like Brighton is much like Phuket, we’ve seen some of it, were glad to leave. Many people say they love it there. You get the feeling that almost anything can be bought and the vibe is edgy. I wonder what it is about our western culture that needs to have that. It’s like a a new button for humanity to rebel has been pushed and people who in the past may have been intimidated by the church and social norms, are now feeling freer to express human desires openly.
    I see it as a force within us that wants us to wake up and empower ourselves, though people are not finding the right sources of information, to do it. Or any sources for that matter. They feel the wave to break out of the oppression we have become used to feeling, but have no real direction where to go with it.
    I really hope that enough of us will firstly be triggered out of the hypnosis and secondly find good information to empower ourselves. As once we know what is truly going on then it becomes clear what we need to do. That is to offer triggers to help others wake up and stop accepting everything that the media, govt and business throws at us. Without our support they are nothing.
    I’m sorry if I sound like I’m ranting, I don’t mean to, a lot of emotion about this. I felt so sad seeing the people throughout SE Asia and India. India in particular, but all througout is being milked and abused far greater than I have seen here in Australia. Perhaps I haven’t looked deep enough here.
    Blogs like this are vital right now, we need many more.
    Best to you,

  2. September 17, 2011 20:40

    Thanks for the comment Aeve. I guess you’re right, if you know something is wrong but don’t know what exactly, then you may end up rebelling against the wrong things, just look at the last couple of generations of kids ‘rebelling’ against what? Against morals and decency, against honour and wholesomeness. Exactly like their masonic pop culture icons told them to do. Haha…very rebellious of them.

    Freud said that being morally upstanding was a disorder, and so we had to be cured of this and embrace degeneracy. I don’t think what he speaks of is repression or opression, it’s just trying to be a decent person. You notice, now you can speak badly about monogamy and trash mother/fatherhood and the nuclear family and so on, but if you criticise promiscuity or homosexuality (and soon, paedophilia), that is ‘bigoted’ if not downright ‘hate speech’.

    Same people going global with the model that enslaved the west so effectively. Same subversive, corporatised culture sprouting up in Korea, India and even in African countries. Urbanisation. De-landing the peasants. GMOs. Breaking up the family. MK-ultra music industry. This is not what the west should be about, but we have been given cultural amnesia so we forget about great art, and the courage and honour of europe in its eternal internal struggle against the money changers. Same desouling process is going to happen in the 3W, they’re just behind us on the slippery slope and so they still have some of their humanity left.

    We were the first into the NWO system, we’ll hopefully be the first out. And hopefully not with 90% fewer of us!

    • Aeve permalink
      September 18, 2011 23:56

      Thanks for your response. Yes, I believe that’s true about the kids, and the places to rebel have been already set up for them to land in. How to get through this web of bs, to help people – especially young ones to see through it at times seems nigh to impossible.
      Art is something I think has done an incredible amount to promote satanist thinking and acceptance. And we are taught from a young age that it is a sacred cow. We have a surrealism exhibition here that is being marketed to school kids. I refused to spring the $20 to get through the door, but saw the taster outside of dismembered bodies and sexual connotations, that was enough.
      Yes sex is a natural part of life, though I wish more people would question how ridiculously blown out of proportion it is. Spose it’s like the religions getting to kid’s minds at a young age, so it can be used it to lead them for the rest of their lives.
      The west is fast supplanting Asian ways, and doing it’s best to replace their good foods with packaged crap.
      Who knows what the outcome will be, seriously. I would hope that many will wake, but still so many sleeping and quite comfortably geting by so no real reason to change that. The govt here is quite cleverly doing things, while it promotes Brisbane as Australia’a new world city. It’s become the cities official slogan. Now I have to ask why Brisbane, as it’s not even the captial?
      For those who are sick of their own lives and/or looking outward to seeing the way others in the world are being treated, hopefully they will find the right information when enough is enough, and not a new age (NWO) sham.

  3. September 19, 2011 00:35

    I’ll be honest with you, the young ones don’t need too much help, they are hungry for the truth like I am (20 yo), I know I and my generation have no meaningful future in this system of soft kill and witchcraft. (They promise us we are the first generation to live shorter lives than our parents! Yay!)

    Like, at first back when I was 17 or 18 I was just curious, but now the adrenaline hits me every so often, I know we’re totally f’ed and human species survival is really going to hang in the balance in this century. Ah well, at least I wrote the truth, I think.

    I saw the new age, nothing new about it, and it ain’t pretty. God showed me mercy when I realised I had made a mistake and was spiritually 404’d.

  4. Aeve permalink
    September 20, 2011 01:17

    I appreciate your honesty. I have two sons around your age, one is very aware knowing something here is very wrong, yet wanting to live the best way he can. There’s nothing wrong with wanting that, but he feels the pain and disgust of working for systems that are set up to exploit.
    I wish I could say something with regards to a better future. I am now mid 40 and have felt things were not right for most of those years, and sought answers many places, but only this year grasped the bigger picture. I really. really. hope that everyone who hasn’t already will wake up and act, as without our votes and our quiet acceptance the ability of the elite to keep doing what they do will be diminished. I believe empowerment – taking our power back – will solve a tremendous amount of social and psychological problems. We just have to get over the fear of the lie that we are savages that need to be controlled!
    Thanks again,
    Best to you

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