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CrossTalk: Syrian Crucible

September 16, 2011

Saw this last night and was sitting up in the couch. Go, Field Negro in Detroit! Tell it to that nasty pair of anglo/zionist thugs!!

(I just don’t agree though that the Islamic powers are really against the ‘west’. I mean, the Sauds are Sephardim, Ahmadinejad is a hebrew, something he does not admit to, and Israel created Hamas. Radical/militant Islam is in no small measure a modern development courtesy of mi6/cia/mossad, for instance the cia working with mujahadeen in the 80s. The desired endgame of this ‘strategy of tension’ is ww3.)

19mins – Liar in Cambridge implies the mass graves are due to Gaddafi’s forces alone, not the ‘rebels’ or NATO troops.

At least he admits the majority of Syrians support Assad. Much as a lot of these arab dictators are very bad people, what the illuminutty ones want to instigate could be a lot worse.

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