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Ignorance Is Not Bliss

September 16, 2011

Western Conspiracies’ header reads,

Because in much wisdom there is much grief, and increasing knowledge results in increasing pain. Ecclesiastes 1:18

Sometimes I catch myself thinking that it might be better not to know as much about what’s going on. But then it hits me and I realise, the ‘burden of knowledge’ is only a burden because of other people’s ignorance. Do you understand that? I address the people who prefer wilful ignorance to acknowledging that we are collectively under attack. The bliss that you find in your ignorance, means that someone else has to pick up the burden of knowledge you should be bearing. Things would be a lot easier if double or triple the people were awake that are now. And I guess it is happening slowly.

Bear the burden of knowledge with us. Join us at the fountain of truth. For yourself and the possibility of having a future without full spectrum dominance by these wicked ones.

David Icke – ‘The Hassle-Free Zone’

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