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UK Government Admits – No EU Referendum Because We Would Lose

September 18, 2011

(Daniel Hannan)

A constituent gets in touch following last week’s blog about how opponents of an In/Out referendum never admit their real motive. He had written to the Prime Minister to ask for such a vote, and received a reply from an FCO official called Cathy Kerry. It began as follows:

Thank you for your letter to the Prime Minister about concerns you have regarding the European Union. I apologise for the delay in our response. Where relevant, letters are delegated to officials for a response. Therefore your letter has been forwarded to the Europe Directorate of the Foreign and Commonwealth Office for a reply.

Like you, many British people feel disconnected with how the EU has developed and about the decisions that have been taken in their name. The Government believes that membership of the EU is in the national interest of the UK. We champion vigorously the interests of the UK and play an active role within the EU. We also believe that the EU needs to change and can improve, and we are confident in the UK’s ability to move the EU in the right direction. For this reason, there will not be a referendum on this issue.

Well, ten out of ten for honesty. We’re against a referendum because we’d, you know, lose it. The FCO functionary artlessly admits what elected ministers dare not: Britain would vote to leave the EU.

The location of power is in London first and foremost. EU is an anglo-zionist tyranny more than it is a German or French one.

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