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Israelis Say They Want Peace

September 19, 2011

The zionists are fairly good propagandists. Not as good as their masonic cousins, but nonetheless. The new tactic of all the old media people is to pose as alternative media. The notion that mainstream news is ‘anti Israel’ is ludicrous. Until the last few years, Israel was completely above criticism in all corporate media outlets. They were the Good Guys and Palestinians and other arabs were the Bad Guys, without exception. In fact if you didn’t like something the Israeli govt did, you would be presumed to be a Nazi or Anti-Semite and would quickly be airbrushed out of the reality space.

There’s just a couple of problems with this video. One would be Nutanyahoo and the mossad being up to their noses in the cold blooded murder that was 9/11, 7/7 etc. Another would be the so called ‘settlers’ who have a sense of divine entitlement. And a third would be Cast Lead and the bloodthirsty talmudists who went to the border with Gaza to ‘enjoy’ the killing.

However, I am willing to acknowledge the difference between the Israeli people on average and the Israeli state. You could easily get the same response in Palestine. Except that Hamas and the other masonic-Islam groups stir up their population. Both the Israeli and Palestinian ruling regimes do not want peace, even if the people do. (and while the content of that video may be partly true, don’t forget about zi0nist radicalised extremists too.)

I was disappointed after the flotilla incident to find that the Palestinians and activists on board did lie about not fighting back against the descending Israeli soldiers. I was angry at Alex Jones at first for having an ‘ex’ mossad guy on his show the next day, but in hindsight I think his coverage of that incident was balanced. The Israelis went out looking for a fight and the Palestinians foolishly gave them one, that’s what happened. (That’s usually what happens in the arab-israeli conflict.) No doubt whoever was in command of the Israeli forces there knew fine well what they were doing dropping their men onto the deck like that. Stupid? Or provocational, to create a situation where the men would feel they had to shoot? I suggest the latter.

This whole conflict would not be a major issue over here, except that Israel gets massive military aid from America and Europe, and thus has to lobby the governments here to maintain this support. The other Arab nations love pimping the plight of Palestinians to make themselves look less bad, which is why Egypt shuts its border with Gaza for instance. However we know the talmudist (as opposed to the more reasonable torah follower) is equally cruel if not more so, and there is a hardcore in and around the Israeli govt that favours, at the very least, apartheid.

The way things are going worldwide, with people waking up etc, the crown might throw Israel under the bus at some point. I can see that possibility coming. Ordinary hebrews are really brainwashed, they receive their shoah trauma indoctrination from a young age, they are lackeys of the anglos if you ask me. Second in command. The most successful hebrews know whose royal boots they have to lick to get ahead, I often read grovelling articles in their press worshipping all things anglo. Israel itself was only created when they got the nod from ‘his lordship’ Balfour. The Rothschilds are both anglo/hebrew, a ‘hybrid bloodline’, isn’t that right Mr Icke.

England is Zion.

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