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“The last three German children in their school”

September 19, 2011

The objective of ‘diversity’ is total replacement by, in the government’s mind, people that are easier to rule over and less inclined to demand freedom and justice. There is a reason most arab states are dictatorships and a reason why their slave trade (both white and black) lasted far longer than the western one. That’s why I find it absurd that some blacks want to ally with muslims as some kind of pan-‘get-whitey’ brigade, when the original arab slave trade was as bad if not worse than the imperial one. What we see going on right now in Libya is some nasty arab supremacism, rebels going around lynching blacks. Although I guess NATO troops are involved in that killing also as that lucky former congressman survived to tell us.

(Gates of Vienna)

In certain culturally-enriched urban neighborhoods in Germany, ethnic Germans are not only in the minority, but the younger generation has all but disappeared.

The most significant thing about the article below — which describes a primary school with almost no German children in it — is the following statement by a Green Party member of the local council:

“It makes absolutely no difference how many children with immigration background go there [to the school].”

This is the crux of the matter: to hard-core leftists, the destruction of traditional European culture makes absolutely no difference. They may even consider it desirable.

Many thanks to JLH for this translation from Thursday’s Bild:

We Are the Last Three German Children in Our School

by K. Hense, T. Biermann and D. Riedel

Kreuzberg: Talina (11), Svenja (11) and Jason (9) do not understand a word spoken on the playground. Their classmates speak only Turkish or Arabic. In class, the three of them explain German words to their classmates.

They are the last German children at their school, The Jens Nydahl elementary school on Kohlfurter street (Kreuzberg). 99% of the 313 students are from an immigration background. The parents of 285 of them are financially supported by the state. One of the many school problems Bild reported on.

Talina attends 6th-year class. Mother Maria (45) says: “When she started school, she could write and read her first words. Her classmates could not even say ‘Thank you,’ ‘Please’ or ‘Good morning.’ The German children are teased as ‘pork gobblers.’

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