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Blacks don’t like being led by “Khazars” either

September 21, 2011

Okay folks so here’s your entertainment for today, read the comments, bearing in mind this is a news site for blacks:

Post-Racial? Black-White Marriages On The Rise

The popular pan-goyim backlash is here!

See it’s not just a generic ‘whitey’ anymore, it’s ‘Khazars’! Times have changed! (Thanks, Louis Farrakhan.)

This is a pro-european blog, yet any african who wants truth and freedom and justice is a brother or sister to me.

I just hope the anglomasonic elites don’t get away with sacrificing their ashkenazi-sephardi assistants while concealing their own lead role in the NWO.

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  1. September 21, 2011 21:02

    I have observed a lot of young ‘blondes’ at least in Ca bearing the bastard children of black men as of late. look at sarah palin and her fetish for the large african male penis, how ‘engbrewish’. as well as her own daughters love of the black penis. my own personal assessment is that while moses had an african wife, in reality i think it is very cruel for inter-racial couples to have children as the children are torn as to what culture they belong to and white culture or anglo culture does not accept the half breed. in asian culture white-asians are shunned as inferior especially in Japan and Vietnam. if people want to destroy their cultural affinity and marry inter-tribal fine but if they should carefully chose if they want kids or should just adopt. in particular i think white women who mainly appear to be ‘anglos’ from observation who grab a ‘trophy’ brother, well they are very disliked by the african-american females as 1/4 black men are in prison in the usa and there are not enough brothers to go around. i have never met an african-american who was faithful to his wife.too many sarah palin or beyonce types around and the temptation is too great. the goal of course is to make sure only the hebrews and anglomasonic they intermarry with survive as cohesive tribe. i can tell you from living in the middle east that both among hebrews and arab if your daughter marries a african the father will tell her she should have married a dog. still there are an enormous number of black jews in africa, the yabir tribe, the ethopians, and they are despised and hated in israel and among the arabs. the arabs will not buy the tribal dilution the anglo-zionist preach. that is a real problem for ‘london’. people should stick to their own cultures and seek to preserve it, that said no where but in Oz has it been more evident that celts that marry anglosaxons become spiritual hebrews and the ‘bad genes’, spiritual and otherwise the anglosaxons have readily destroy the fine spiritual and genetic makeup of the celt. if every there was a case against mixing tribes, australia would be it of course you had mainly common criminal for ‘israel’ and england mixing with mainly political irish prisoners down under. some how australian culture is the worst in the world. oprah called the australiains a ‘soul less’ people and for some new ager like her to get grossed out means you’re sunk. cant say i care for sidney anymore than london. and i do think the biggest savages anymore are not the uncivilized breed down african american ghettos boys but the engbrews of oz who are far more violent and uncivilized as well as the london street urchins and drunks. you seldom see blacks behaving in the usa as badly as they do in london unless high on drugs.

    • Brian permalink
      September 23, 2011 18:53

      Asian-Whites are seen as inferiors in Asia, especially Japan and Vietnam? What a load of crap! Then tell me why are the most celebrated models, actors and other entertainers there eurasian. They also tend to be economically better off than the average Asian. It sickens me that almost every Asian I know regardless of ethnicity puts the Asian-white mix on a pedestal because of their supposed superior beauty and status. This is something every Asian knows about.

  2. September 21, 2011 22:57

    Yes, euro-gentiles are recessive, genetically. A fact that seems to be overlooked by many people talking up the joyous multiracial future fantasy land.

    It’s nigh on impossible to stand up for ourselves as nations though, since we are all grouped together with the anglo whiskey tangos and slavers, as ‘white’. Not to say any nation is innocent of course, but obviously there is a difference between white european and white asiatic. Sadly the absorption of celts into the ‘anglosphere’ is the one quasi-genocide (well they would call it genocide at least) that WNs do not notice, further proving they are masonic controlled.

    How Oz was created, lol.

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