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London Agent Elected In Zambia?

September 24, 2011


“Mr Sata, known as King Cobra for his venomous turn of phrase, was born in Zambia when it was still the British colony known as Northern Rhodesia.

He came to London in the 1950s and found work as a cleaner and then porter for British Rail.

He studied part-time and took casual jobs at car assembly plants before returning home and joining the police force.

Mr Sata, who refuses to drink bottled water until all Zambians have access to clean water, worked under two presidents before breaking with the ruling party to form his opposition Patriotic Front.

He quickly won support from mill- ions of Zambians who continue to live in poverty, despite the nation’s natural wealth.

China has a massive presence in the country, Africa’s biggest copper producer, but refuses to employ Zambians or use local products.

Instead, Chinese contractors bring in their own labour force, equipment and food.

There were suggestions during the volatile campaign, which saw bloodshed and rioting between rival party supporters, that the Chinese were bankrolling Mr Banda. However Mr Sata edged to victory with 46 per cent of the vote.

Yesterday Mr Banda wept as he conceded defeat to the man who once served as one of his ministers.

He said Zambians must unite following the election.

‘Zambia must not go backward,’ he said. ‘We must all face the future and go forward as one nation.’

Political commentators have raised concerns that Mr Sata’s hostility towards China might have a negative impact on Zambia’s economy.

The country’s currency has already devalued in recent days in anticipation of a victory for Mr Sata.

Another cause for international concern has been the new president’s support for Robert Mugabe’s ruinous rule of Zimbabwe and decade-long land grab.

According to the United Nations, 70 per cent of Zambia’s 13million population live in poverty, and the average annual wage is £255.

Mr Sata’s swearing-in makes Zambia one of the few countries in Africa to have had two democratic transitions of power since gaining independence from colonial powers in the 20th century.”

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Probably another Obama/Mugabe type figure. Guess this is the new model colonialism, which is why it will be so useful to the illuminati to have many of their tribe marrying blacks and siring a whole new tribe of hebraic-black potential dictators, to hold the continent for Anglo-NATO Empire as opposed to Chinese Empire.

We need to leave Africa alone and leave the Middle East alone and focus on our own corner of the world and instead set a good example for the rest of the world to follow, that’s a real foreign policy. Because right now we have precious little to be proud of as a society, and as for freedom? Ha! The example most of the western world is setting right now is one of police state tyranny, total subjugation to the compound interest of the banking cartel, and a cultural initiation into Mystery Babylon.

The more gentile and sincere WNs are alright, they only care about rebuilding Europe/America free from this nwo tyranny. That is a major purpose of this blog, to reach them as they are under Anglophile Tory brainwashing, as I well know.

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