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Will the Real Culprits of Euro Doom Stand Up?

September 25, 2011

(Daily Bell)

“This is an old game. The Anglosphere power elite – a group of impossibly wealthy families that controls the world’s central banks – is evidently and obviously responsible for much of what has gone wrong. But as the Euro project continues its decline, we will no doubt find blame is being laid elsewhere … on highly placed functionaries. Of course, it’s important, nonetheless, and a contribution to how things work. So let’s review them before returning to our main thesis.

The first example is the Financial Times. Oborne and Weaver state that something went wrong with this prestigious mainstream newspaper about 25 years ago when it was captured by a “clique of left-wing journalists.” As a result, the FT “has been wrong on every single major economic judgment over the past quarter century.”

The biggest error was the support of the EU project itself, support that Oborne and Weaver call “religious.” They cite the paper’s Lex column, circa January 2001, as an example of how wrongheaded the paper could be. “With Greece now trading in euros, few will mourn the death of the drachma. Membership of the eurozone offers the prospect of long-term economic stability.”

The paper also attacked euro-skeptics directly, claiming that those who differed with the paper were “immature.” When the euro and the EU began to become undone in 2008, and countries like Ireland were suddenly exposed as failing, the FT continued its defense of the union. “European monetary union is a bumble bee that has taken flight,” asserted the newspaper’s leader column. “However improbable the celestial design, it has succeeded in real life.”

If there is to be a movement aimed at holding people responsible for the euro disaster, I would hope for once that it would at least explain more fully how the pyramid of leadership actually works. The people at the very top are responsible for the ongoing economic crisis, just as in the 1930s the central banks they set up crashed the world’s economy. At the time, the blame was shifted away from central banks and their controllers and toward the securities industry (Wall Street, etc.).

Somebody will be made to pay, but it won’t be the real elites, the impossibly wealthy central banking families. They never seem to get blamed.”

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  1. September 26, 2011 15:21

    The euro, a psyops in unity, is of course a wedge. It will take more than a century of slaughter to remove Germania and Russia from the map and leave everything west of the Urals to the Phoenicians. Who BTW have all £$%&ed off to South America. Again. Their Khazari satraps are hard at work on the project. Just watch the lack of cheap holidays in the Eastern Med suddenly heave into view.

  2. September 26, 2011 18:36

    Oh I guess there won’t be any holidays anymore except to Butlins which in my view could do with a few improvements, such as barbed wire fences and year round accomodation perhaps. Fun for all the family I tell you!

    I’m sure things are all right in Brazil now they have that Bolshevik destroyer in power. Weather will be roasting flesh this time of year or any time of year, guaranteed. Guess it makes the al-qazzari terrorists feel right at home, and just like in the past, they’re on top of the pyramid, not building one.

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