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Links 26/Sep/11 + Why I am not a ‘WN’

September 26, 2011

Palestinian Family Whacked By Fire In London?

How Many ‘Go’s Do Brithish-Isarel get?

The Maui Clean Sky Ordinance

CIA Death Squad Responsible For Dumping 35 ‘Dead Zetas’ On Veracruz Highway


Iran’s Intelligence Minister States Obvious

UK marching banned – police call the tune

Surprise – hebrew actress posing as Scandinavian, continues slutting up culture

Russian Nationalists For Putin

Note that another primary purpose of SF (read their Russian section) and other masonic WN sites has been to try and rile up Rus-Nationalists to rebel against Putin so that Rothschilds/London can take over again. Seems that has not been successful.

If you want to understand why I am so critical of WNs, read the Russian and Irish sections of SF. Oh wait there is no Irish section, they closed it. Why is that hmm? Who does SF truly consider to be ‘Our People’ as the 14w doctrine states? The answer is English only. ONLY. DIE, GOYIM. Get it yet? Thankfully for them, America is only about 10 per cent English/Zionist (officially). I hear Alex Jones sometimes saying ‘anglo’ to refer to all white Americans. That is a lie Jones and you know it. The vast majority of white Americans are German, Irish, Scottish, Italian, French, Russian, etc and thus are not represented by Dr DUKE or Paul Craig Roberts any more fairly than they are by Abe 666man.

Also note that on SF the gentiles, even the heathen gentiles, mostly want peace, and it tends to be the anglos who want to reinstate colonialism/slavery and other mad stuff. I have also caught them on multiple occasions making disparaging remarks about celts, which is hardly significant, except that SF rules are invoked whenever anyone says anything bad about the anglos they get banned like Native Briton, who is somewhat close to the truth, did. (Of course the English are not Germanic, we know. The Germans do not have the same instinct to conquer the world, that is anti-German WW1-2 propaganda. When Germany got involved a little in colonialism in the late 1800s, the German people actually protested against it when stories of massacring of blacks reached them. So much for the false supremacist stereotype of Germans.)

I have my agreements with some elements of WN doctrine. “your race is your nation”, man do I ever know that. Few can be more supportive of the 14w than me, on a personal level and libertarian level but not, God forbid, a state level. That would be horriffic. I do not advocate ‘racism’ if you are using that term correctly and not in a politically correct manner like some do to cheaply win an argument. I want peace and freedom and self determination for everyone, that’s all. Therefore I cannot possibly be anything other than supportive of the decentralist Pioneer Little Europe vision, which is the ‘good’ WN doctrine as opposed to the tards who want fascism. The time will come probably in my lifetime when Europeans will take a page out of the Amerindians’ book in that regard. The reality is the new Europe is going to be a patchwork of squabbling states like Serbia and Kosovo are today, whether the globalists are still in charge or not.

But that’s the absurdity of WNism. They talk about taking all necessary steps to craft a gentile society free from the banking cartel and war and ‘destroyers’, but then they let the crown loyalist witches in through the front door! Such naivety! If WNs ever start to look at the crown loyalists the same way they look at the talmudists, things will change for the better. Whether you agree with that group or not, most of them want peace and freedom too, they’re just misguided and anglo-kosher, for now.

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  1. September 27, 2011 16:22

    Great points, friend. CambiaWillNotYield just did an essay that thoroughly destroys the idea of WN as well. It is just another pagan abstraction, the likes of which cause us to neglect our real flesh-and-blood (and Spirit) ties to those around us.

  2. September 27, 2011 16:41

    Thanks Justin. While it is questionable that the ancient Druids burnt wicker men full of people, they certainly did carry out human sacrifice of convicts – something that the spread of Christianity put a stop to.

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