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Inside the New Age Nightmare: Testimony of Randall Baer

September 27, 2011

I’m just glad I never experienced anything quite like he did before realising. Although maybe I’m being ‘modest’ (if that can really be considered an appropriate word for such circumstances…I can’t think of a better one right now) and understating what I saw. I just hope none of it was real, that is all I can say on the subject. Yet it is all too real, the demonic I mean. Even today listening to certain people (occultist nwo researchers most commonly) and other things bring back my ‘symptoms’ from time to time (yup, no more MTsar for me!). I guess it’s just something I’m stuck with to a certain extent, as a kind of punishment. Well if that is the case I’d rather be punished now than ‘later’, that’s how I rationalise it anyway.

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  1. October 5, 2011 03:57

    This seems very fraudulent to me.

    As a practitioner of astral projection I have never experienced something like this during my travels of even the most negative reaches of the astral plane. When I was first getting into astral projection I was a devout Southern Baptist Christian and even asked God to show me what hell was like, so that I could know it actually existed.

    But I never really found it.

    To be truthful my experience as a Christian was a horrific experience. I never suffered more internally than when I was devoted to Christ.

    “The New Age” movement has truly empowered me to make my own decisions and feel a type of peace with the universe which I would have never found with Christianity.

    I’m not dogging on Christians, I’m just saying that there are many people in the Evangelical movement that feel very threatened that there are now methods being introduced to the general public to empower people spiritually. Some of these tools, like astral projection, can effectively break down their instruments of fear, power, and control such as “Satan”, and “hell” and I believe that there are some people within the Evangelical movement that will stop at nothing to discredit and demonize these tools and methods which the “New Age” utilizes.

    Deception is used by many individuals to “get their” way so to speak. And some people just can stand to live in a heterogeneous world where many different beliefs, faiths, and thoughts are lived freely.

    This is because they feel insecure about their own belief systems. Because they are told they are to have faith in what their preachers, ministers, and priest tell them. Honestly, wouldn’t it make you feel insecure if you based your entire life off of what some one else told you you NEEDED to be doing with you life with nothing but an ancient text to back it up. All other sources and methods of finding out the truth are effectively demonized as “satanic practices” or “witch craft.

    This is the true horror.

    Please people, don’t listen to anyone when it comes to your spirituality. Make up your own mind based upon your own experiences and knowledge, listen to your heart and it will guide you in the right direction.

    • October 5, 2011 08:16

      On the other hand, what is really trustworthy is a belief system with nothing other than Blavatsky to back it up.

      Ye shall be as gods. Oldest lie is it not?

      “And some people just can stand to live in a heterogeneous world where many different beliefs, faiths, and thoughts are lived freely.”
      – sure, but what about the nice tolerant inclusive folks like Alice Bailey?

      Oh no, that site talks about the NWO, that is feeeeaaaaarrrrr…best ignore it. Much better to be ‘positive’ and love the NWO! After all it can’t be that bad, it will liberate us from the tyranny of Jesus Christ…

      The church is corrupt and full of, in America’s case, paid off Feds clergy, to support war etc. Nothing is more offputting to me, re Christianity, than these buffoons.

      ‘Please people, don’t listen to anyone…but listen to me!!’ – I like what you did there.

  2. jesusknight permalink
    October 13, 2011 08:39

    Don’t follow people, follow God in the person of Jesus Christ. I was NAM but was saved. I have never looked back. NAM is a deception that will take a person’s soul straight to hell without a second thought. A dog goes back to his vomit and a pig goes back to its mudhole, and a person has a perfect right to go to hell if they so choose. God isn’t the one sending anyone to hell, its ppl and their choices that are doing that. NAM crystal power and meditating and channeling are expressly forbidden in scripture in Deut. 9 by God. It WILL result in oppression, possession and depression, and a loss of your soul. Following God is not easy, He never makes that claim anywhere, but we are never alone, and He always is there in time of need. God bless!

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