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Links 30/Sep/11

September 30, 2011

No More Pentagon Dinners: Al Qaeda Leader Killed… Again

Michael Moore: “Don’t End The Fed, End Capitalism”

Coalition not ready to end Afghan opium trade, says USA Today

Lions under the throne don’t like Tobin Tax

NATO murderers open fire on unarmed, rock throwing (apparently) Serb protestors (yeah those sound like rubber bullets…not…you can hear the whizz at 0:31)

Grimes: Why aren’t you shooting?
Waddell: We’re not being shot at yet!
Grimes: How can you tell?
Waddell: A hiss means it’s close. If you hear a pop, then
Waddell: – now they’re shooting at us!

(from BHD – you got the words wrong you muppet. He said “A hiss means it’s close, a snap means-” SNAP “Now they’re shooting at us!!” Sadly, unlike US Rangers, the Serbs aren’t really in a position to shoot back. That whole section of the film is fiction anyway, the rangers were shooting before they left the helicopter if you read the book, and they only encountered one heavy machine gun all day long and no ‘technicals’, which the Somalis never used against the UN/US because their rules of engagement authorised free fire on any support weapons. That film is such war propaganda but still ossum.)

David Icke visits Pine Gap, Oz

Many popular organic brands now owned by large industrial food processors

A lot of stuff from the un-pc side of the hill today. Not intentional, but that’s the interesting stuff I found today, so here you are. I’m all out of un-pc credits for about a week it seems!

New genetic evidence links Spanish Americans of Southwest to Jews

Prison for hospital Nazi salute at Jewish teenager
[The judge added: “And the Nazi flag found only confirms, if confirmation was needed, the views you hold.”] = some opinions are illegal. Today it’s, “first they came for the nazis and we said nothing”. Much as I disagree with them on many things, such as being virulently pagan and racially antagonistic, if anyone’s rights are taken away then we all lose them. If Kamau Kambon, or some Mullah or Rabbi, can get up and openly call for genocide and not be arrested, then certainly these muppets can say whatever they like as well so long as they’re not persistently harrassing or physically attacking anyone.

Only Edgar Steele and a few others have defended the right of “the damned” to speak. Of course Edgar despite being very knowledgeable about the Hens, got his ornithography a little wrong and ended up being framed by the anglomasonic establishment who he thought were Ducks.

Feminism hurts the hebrews too

A cupcake sellout at ‘inherently racist’ bake sale by UC Berkeley Republicans

Dress witches in pink and avoid white paper to prevent racism in nuseries, expert says

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