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US Protests: ‘People aware Wall Street is real enemy’

October 2, 2011

As always with these protest movements, establishment-friendly people are trying to claim it as their own, see all the Soros/leftist ideologues ‘leading’ things out there. Same way as when Fixed news and Freedom Works tried to co-opt the Tea Party and had a lot of success. They just latch on like some kind of vampire squid and don’t let go, and drain the lifeblood out of any movement of the people and turn it into a soulless political charade, unless people stop them from doing so. The battle for the soul of the tea party is ongoing, and this is like the lefty version of the rightwing tea party (despite the fact the original tea party was started in 2006-7 by antiwar people and libertarians/Paulites and 9/11 truthers – something mainstream conservatives rarely admit and never give credit for).

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