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Re-Education For Thought Criminals in School

October 5, 2011

Of course, there is no propaganda actually enshrined in the school curriculum, oh no. The propaganda is on the internet, the truth is in your textbook!

Still, the very fact this is being addressed means that more kids are getting closer to the truth. (I know of two or three kids woken up somewhat by reading Vigilant Citizen’s breakdowns of our MK-culture, for instance.) And can you blame them really. School is a fascist training centre teaching children not to question state mandated ‘politically correct’ worldview. Best to learn this ‘lesson’ early.

Oh and see how the state like the so called ‘sceptics’ misuse the term ‘conspiracy theory’? It’s not a consipracy theory to say that foxes attack people, because that would mean that the foxes would have to be conspiring to do so, which is of course insane. From experience I don’t have any reason to expect full literacy from school teachers and the state and state-run media, but still, learn the meaning of words you Borg compliant drones!

Question everything you read, except what we tell you! Freaking teachers. Sheesh. There are few exceptions. My philosophy teachers taught me to think for myself, I suppose.

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  1. Aeve permalink
    October 5, 2011 21:38

    I can’t watch the vid at the moment (mobile broadband costs an arm and a leg) and probably should wait till I comment. But just felt to add something about education, that I always felt there was something very wrong with it. Yes there are some who enjoy it, the one I know comes from a home of teachers. Yet the majority of comments of people I’ve known, and I’m guessing to say that there are a great many more people that will also say it was hell and they are glad to be out. My kids fought against going, boy they put up a battle. I don’t have to ask why any more, understanding about the true purpose of education it’s hardly surprising that it wears against people’s intrinsic/spiritual knowing that we are free to create and choose the way we live our lives. We bloody well know something is wrong and it feels oppressive and bad.
    I had a few teachers to make it some of it bareable, most I hear say this too. Also art and music were sanity savers, and I read that arts are being phased out of schools in the US in favour of maths and other core subjects (yay). No doubt to really crush our creativity in an effort to drone us even harder. Likely soon to be followed here in Australia, if not already.

    • October 5, 2011 22:43

      School killed my intellect and spirit, no doubt about it.

      I feel a bit sorry for teachers in a sense because they have to deal with today’s hyperactive, poisoned, agitated ‘youf’. I had an English teacher once, a morbidly obese woman, who couldn’t spell. Now if it was geography or something, I would sympathise, but just what do you expect to acheive as an English teacher if you are barely literate? Still, nobody other than me apparently noticed (or cared) that the govt may as well have left us with Dubya to teach us English. Thankfully we were only taught by her for one year, because the cruel kids made her cry one too many times. She just wasn’t that bright, poor woman. Come to think of it the very next year pretty much the same people made a female student-teacher from ‘Norn Ireland’ leave by making fun of her voice. I guess the casualty list of postfeminist utopianism piles up. Boys should be taught by men, at least when they get to their teens, women can’t handle a class of them, in fact many men can’t handle a class of them. Don’t know what to say about the girls, more violent than the boys (including to boys on occasion – I saw a girl throw a heavy wooden board eraser off a boy’s head and laugh), more drunk, few exceptions.

      Who is to blame? Can be pointed in every direction, but none more so than at those who poisoned the well of society to begin with.

      • Aeve permalink
        October 6, 2011 00:17

        Yes it can’t be an easy job, of the teachers I know and have known many would like to be doing something else or have gotten out to do other things. Yet what do they expect with trying to push humanity into boxes, though sadly I suspect many are still in the dark about their own programming and the real reason behind the struggle. I understand what you are saying about blame, as in effect many of us have been voting and giving our power to these psychopaths to rule their sham system over us. With notions of democracy being the best solution we have and frightened by implanted ideas of ‘red under the bed’ alternatives. It wasn’t until I thought I’d give education another go and learned about how democracy came to be. I’d skipped years 11 and 12 but from what I’ve heard it’s not taught in schools, unless perhaps geared for the elite. Now I realise we have been sold a lie and many are too drowsy and dumbed down to see, or just plain tricked into thinking we must vote or be controlled by the devil you don’t know. So we keep giving our consent for all of this to go on.

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