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Want a RFID Chip In Your Pants? No? Well They’re Coming Anyway

October 7, 2011

(Vigilant Citizen)

Here’s an article from the BBC that (enthusiastically) announces the insertion of RFID chips in many everyday products like jeans, foods or cars, allowing the constant monitoring of pretty much everything. Sure, the article “addresses” privacy concerns (mostly downplays them) but it mainly sells RFIDs with arguments like “it could save the lives of old people stuck in a building on fire”. Most people find that inserting computer chips that can connect to the internet with personal data completely useless and, frankly, creepy. Despite this fact, there is a huge push to promote these chips and to sell them to the public.

So, here’s what the article says: Do you want old people to die in a fire? No? Well, put a RFID chip in your pants. I’m exaggerating here but, sadly, not really…

Typical Crown propaganda article (BBC’s I mean) saying everyone will accept the RFID. I don’t believe it, people are not that stupid.

“Non-invasive brain scanner” – really now?

Annoying the talking point these people have about making everything ‘smarter’. You liars, you make everyone dumber. All these buzzword phrases are euphemisms and usually due to the satanic ethos, the real meaning is inverted. Sustainable, inclusive, tolerant, diverse, biodiverse, ethical, democratic, ‘human rights’, ‘rights of the child‘, equality, defence. All are mere bits between Baal’s gnashing teeth.

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  1. October 7, 2011 19:31

    AdamS I bet they’ll not be keeping too close an eye on the oldies dying alone of hypothermia this winter. RFID chipping would be a fantastic idea if it were applied where needed and of most benefit to us. Any and all CFR, RISS, Bilderberger, Soros’ ass, Strauss-Khan’s dick and Queenies crown. Then we could all keep an eye on the delinquents and go round and pummel their phizogs regularly.

    The security tagging of legs of lamb and beef roasts in TescAsdSanMo’s is the clearest evidence that the so called capitalist system has left the building and that we, the whole of the human race, will at last slaughter the fools. No wonder they are all hiding down in Patagonia and Mozambique. Mind you UKplc as usual will be too dumb to follow the logic through.

    Happy days are here again.

    So long sad times
    Go long bad times
    We are rid of you at last

    Howdy gay times
    Cloudy gray times
    You are now a thing of the past

    Happy days are here again
    The skies above are clear again
    So let’s sing a song of cheer again
    Happy days are here again

    Altogether shout it now
    There’s no one
    Who can doubt it now
    So let’s tell the world about it now
    Happy days are here again

    Your cares and troubles are gone
    There’ll be no more from now on
    From now on …

    Happy days are here again
    The skies above are clear again
    So, Let’s sing a song of cheer again

    Happy times
    Happy nights
    Happy days
    Are here again!

    • October 7, 2011 21:28

      Ever the optimist, Incoming? Haha imagine a revolt in this country. Led by teh womynz most likely. No offence to them, that fact says more about the men than the women. Anyway. When even that UKIP rep on Keiser’s show this week describes the pirate bay square mile’s activities as “financial services”, you know the opposition is well controlled! Nvm.

      In the end the people who will string up herr rothschilds and his friends won’t be us, but the plebs who don’t know what’s going on but do notice when everything has been taken from them. (It won’t be safe to wear a suit or hi vis jacket lest you be seen as a collaborator in treason, lol.) In a sense that is a concern, because we know how the French Revolution went as opposed to the American one.

      • October 7, 2011 23:11

        Yes AdamS the UKIP masonic tie was a moron. Not really being on optimist just an optomamamrtusstrist. I can see the 500year cycle turning. Why else are we being groomed to hate banksters. Rabid belief systems are coming. I can see it, I now think like the banksters’ bosses.

        I’m off for a Bow.

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