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Why I don’t like the PUAs, really. (Gentile Herteronormality Lesson)

October 12, 2011

I’m not as cold blooded as they are. (They would say ‘not as alpha’, but they can keep their stupid shaming language.)

See, they become experts in female insanity with a view to exploiting it. Nobody would say it was ok to find out ways to manipulate people with an OCD for instance, or something like that. It would be considered cruel. I don’t care whether someone wants to be manipulated or in some way enjoys it, and in the case of many women that is probably true. It’s also true for so many people in general who love being lied to by government. I just don’t like lies.

Okay you super ‘alpha’ PUAs, yes you’re right, you have found out what everyone should know, that most if not all women are insane and are subject to the ‘hamster’ phenomenon. Well done. You’ve even found that many women are depraved enough to actually want to be conned by a PUA type. Great. For you.

But how are you any better than the globalists? They know the weaknesses of humanity and how to push our buttons. They know that many people actually want to be ruled over and tricked, they love it. And in the globalists’ mind that makes everything they do ok, no matter how cruel.

The fact is, you can’t fight biology, men will always have the power in this world. This is why, in ponerological terms, evil men dominate, while evil women usually manipulate men to do their work for them, and get their power/control that way. The Lady Macbeths of this world.

(btw the real purpose of feminism is it’s a way the globalist/masonic males wage proxy war against all the other males in society, so that there will be no challenge to their hegemony – because they are rightly confident the new status females will never put up such a challenge.)

Power brings responsibility. Men have power, undoubtedly, but the PUAs abdicate from the responsibility to use that power wisely. Conning women into ‘giving it away for free’, even if they may like being conned (because they’re either stupid or depraved or both), is still wrong to me.

Okay time out, stop here for a moment.

(What’s the matter, lyrics not what you were expecting? BWAHAHAHA.)

There are a certain subspecies of men who are apologist for all the evils of women in some (poor) attempt to gain credit with them that way. I detest those people the most. (I am aware that in writing this post I am dangerously close to being grouped in with those types.)

I am not writing this to be apologist for women, I think their behaviour on average over the last 40 years speaks for itself. Why am I writing then? Impossible as it may seem, I actually don’t want to manipulate anyone. I am fed up with the lies and manipulations all across our society, not just against women, although women on average are easily misled.

I want you all to want the truth.

Am I not supposed to say the following? Have I ruined something in saying so? Have I made myself a sworn enemy of the Asscockers (h/t GBFM) of this world? Maybe, maybe not. Someone has to say it.

You know how women say “those boys, they only want one thing.” Well, they’re RIGHT! But somehow even though they ‘know’ this, they convince themselves that the “lying asscocker and secretiv taper of butthex” is really interested in them as a person, or whatever other rubbish they manufacture to comfort their crazy minds.

This is the truth. You women know “the boys only want one thing”. Then you should understand that, logically, that means you only have “one thing” to offer them, regardless what you may think or whatever lies the cunning, er I mean ‘charming’, male may say. So you can either use that to buy marriage, as the wiser women have done throughout history, or…as the feminists/sexual revolutionaries told women…you can ‘give it away for free’. Oops! Guess what, you just lost your value as a bride. Oh well. Third date is not slutty is it! Hahahahahahahaha….oh dear.

The men should start a parallel movement to NWNW. It should be called, No Cherry No Wedding…

You may wonder why on earth I would write this. After all, if what I say here is true (and it is), then I and everyone with a Y chromosome stands to benefit from this knowledge being kept from women. To an extent. Sorry male readers. It feels as if we’re playing cards and I’ve just shown our entire hand to the girls’ team. But really, I am not interested in manipulating women even if that’s what they want. I would marry one someday. And I guess if being brutally honest with them somehow makes them even a tiny bit more virtuous, then that seems good to me. Otherwise, I’m not sure if my motives here are altruistic or just nihilistic. I couldn’t stop writing the truth even if I wanted to.

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  1. October 12, 2011 22:32

    No Cherry No Wedding!!!!

    LOL, oh crap that is good…

    I find it most pathetic when Gamers attempt to justify their evil by saying something like “girls do it too, putting on makeup, hair dye, etc…”

    Of course that is asburd. Image if women developed a systematic method to exploit male psych needs and weaknesses to exploit them for their their own gain. THAT would be female “Game” and every man has an immediate revulsion at the thought.

    Good post.

  2. October 13, 2011 00:57

    Thanks Justin.

    Women don’t need Game, they have Government!

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