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Links 13/Oct/11

October 13, 2011

Libya – Green Resistance Growing

Herman Cain’s lies exposed (his top priority is 6-6-6)

Is Obama Admin Fabricating Iranian Assassination Plot To Distract From Fast & Furious Investigation?

(NSFW etc) Amanda Knox freed – WNs again reveal themselves as crown loyalists and apologists for anglo-talmudic witchcraft/occultism – fail to recognise illuminati in plain sight – would rather blame everything on the ‘darkie’

Amnesty calls on Canada to arrest W Bush

Post-Revolution Egypt – Christians under siege

Conservative Magazine Brags of its Agent Provocateur’s Role in Provoking Police Action in D.C

Are OccupyWallStreet being turned into repeating zombies by commie hijackers?

Beaten with a tire iron for allegedly insulting Islam

More TSA paedophiles

Child sacrifice business in Uganda

Great, more constant radioactive leaks landing on moi. new MOX plant at Sellafield

Alex Jones interviews man with autistic son (Occupy the Fed)

Flu shots have more than 250x safe mercury limit (it’s flu shot season again – noticed the doctors are all out trying to sell this to their patients, so I did try to explain to certain people but ah hell, most don’t listen anyway)

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