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“My UK School Almost Destroyed Me”

October 16, 2011

I can empathise with his perspective. This can be fixed, albeit slowly, by becoming informed. Feminism is a proxy war by the establishment males against all other males. Women can help by encouraging men to lead once again and get us out of this mess. You may be surprised how effective that can be, considering most brainwashed men are told 24/7, you’re evil, you’re bad, shut up, step aside and let women lead. I think if most men hear from a woman that that isn’t really what they want, they will change quickly. This is the best answer to the decades old conundrum “where did all the good men go”.

(The archetypal modern domesticated white male, or, why the police state thinks it can run all over us.)


“Immediately it began. We were taught, at such a young age, about all of the atrocities western men had committed against everyone else. We were literally (I’m not exaggerating here) taught to be ashamed of ourselves and of our culture.

Girls, on the other hand, were taught how great the suffragettes were and that without them they’d still be under the tyranny of the evil men. I remember a particular class where the female teachers and female students were all laughing at the stupidity of boys and men. I remember the female teacher pointing out “all the men had to fight wars, while women didn’t, but it was always men that started the wars!” while the girls all laughed. I remember looking around at all the boys in my class just sitting there, quietly, blank stares on their faces, saying nothing. Then it hit me like a silver bullet, I was doing the same as them: nothing.

However after having years of political correctness and self-shame pumped into me by this so called education system, I had no knowledge of how to even discredit them. Everything they said seemed true. If it weren’t for my father teaching me about the great men of our past at a young age, I actually think I’d be another sad fool indoctrinated into feminist ideology.


Not only were we taught to be ashamed of our gender, they went so far as to blatantly make us ashamed of our race. Yes, if you were white and male, oh boy, you were in for a treat.

Hours upon hours of all the horrendous crimes our ancestors did to the Africans, the native Americans, the Jewish people and of course, women.

Not one, not a SINGLE mention of all the good we did, only the bad (and if they did happen to mention anything good a white man did they never pointed out it was a white man who did it. Only when they shame do they like to point the traits of the people/person they’re shaming, out).

Meanwhile they had black history month celebrating the accomplishments of black culture and black people in general, which I had/have no problem with. I think it’s great that people can celebrate their culture but then I bought up the question, when will I be allowed to celebrate and be proud of my culture? The answer? Never, that’s racist and not politically correct, you see. That line of thinking leads to a nation of Nazis, apparently.


Now, after all this, I noticed something change in me. I became apathetic, lazy, unmotivated and my grades went from the top 5% in my country at age 11, to pretty much, rock bottom.

I remember at age 11 I was predicted straight A* and As for my GCSEs. I didn’t leave that school with a single GCSE, not one. Why? I stopped caring about school; some days I just didn’t turn up, I couldn’t take it anymore, it was actually horrendous to be discriminated against like that by people who are supposed to be objectively teaching me.

By the time my dad noticed what was going on (the school never notified him of my drastic drop in grades and lack of attendance) it was too late to do anything. I was in the last 6 months of school.

These feelings weren’t just felt by me either.I can tell you now that 90% of the boys in my year didn’t leave with more than 1-2 GCSEs either. The majority of girls left with amazing grades.

To any of the older generation out there, I’d just like to tell you, this is what it was like to grow up in an education system from 1997-2006 for young British men.

If my experience was typical, we’re in big trouble. I read recently, young men get paid less than young women now from ages 20-29.


My big question is, what is going to happen when my generation has to step up to run Britain? From my experience and the facts around me at the time (the majority of boys in my year are either unemployed or doing basic jobs like stacking shelves, digging, cleaning toilets) we’ve literally created a generation of boys who are useless, self-hating, apathetic, lazy idiots without any father figures in their lives and even the ones who had father figures (like me) got shafted hard by the education system we had to endure.

Honestly, I’m actually really interested in seeing what happens in the next 20 years. Women are either going to have to step up and take all the load men have carried on their shoulders for generations and do everything or society is honestly going to collapse in on itself, as this generation of men have been destroyed and ostracized by their own government.”

white male inventions

english supremacism

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  1. October 16, 2011 20:59

    Somewhat apropos, I am (slowly) working on a White History Month calendar, actually, more like a White History Year calendar. It actually presents a bit of a paradox in how to choose what to focus on. At this time, my theme is a bit of “forgotten history”, meaning things that are being suppressed in our current PC (i.e. anti white Christian male) culture. If you have any suggestions, let me know.

  2. October 16, 2011 21:49

    That’s a good idea Justin, if anything occurs to me I will blog it.

    The people at SF say every November is WHM.

    I think something on Russian colonialism in America would be worth mentioning. No massacres to speak of, no slavery, no drug trade, they just came and built churches and respected the natives, as far as I can tell.

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