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“Britain’s Suicide Bombers”

October 19, 2011

(FrontPage Mag)

“Unfortunately, Britain’s role as a breeding ground for suicide bombers has been on display for some time, beginning with famed Shoe Bomber​, Richard Reid. Reid, who converted to Islam in the mid-1990s, was sentenced to life without parole in a US prison for trying to kill 197 people on board an American Airlines​ flight from Paris to Miami in December 2001.

For Reid, his journey of Islamic radicalization was nurtured in the mosques of London. However, other Muslim suicide zealots have received their martyrdom inspiration in the increasingly fertile grounds of Britain’s schools of higher education.

In June 2011, a British government report cited 40 English universities at increased risk for the Islamist radicalization and terrorist recruitment of their Muslim students by hard line Islamic groups. To that end, the report noted that 45 percent of the people in Britain who have been convicted of “al-Qaeda-associated terror offenses” have been graduates or attendees of British universities.

Unhappily, those British schools have either been too slow to respond to the growing Islamist threat or have turned a blind eye. Yet, as one British security expert said, these schools “have got to realize that you don’t get suicide bombers unless they have first been radicalized.”

For example, Nigerian-born “Underwear Bomber​” Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab​, who recently pled guilty to a failed suicide airline bombing in Detroit in 2009, is believed to have been inspired to martyrdom during his time studying at University College London, where he was president of the school’s Islamic Society.”

Of course this is all an accident and completely unintentional. Hey, consider this. If it is true that we are fighting wars in various middle eastern countries, to stop them from being “safe havens for terrorists”, then how on earth can that statement coexist with the report above? How’s the cognitive dissonance doing, neocons? Itching a little? Hungry for the truth yet? We can wait I guess, but for how long? You know there’s something wrong.

Let me suggest the rather obvious alternative, that ‘islamic extremism’ is politically useful to England and the Anglo-American establishment and Israel. This is why it’s funny that certain rightwing talk show people are now saying the NWO is Islamic.

Even if it were true that Muslims wake up each morning wanting to conquer the world, they are too inbred and poor to be much of a threat. All those Muslim bankers and Muslims in the US government and Muslims running the IMF and UN. Er…no. Yes they had a slave trade for far longer than the Europeans did, yes they are capable of real brutality mostly to non-Muslims living in their countries. But no, they aren’t the masterminds of the NWO. They’re just not bright enough.

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