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Is Male Sex a Hindrance To Understanding the NWO?

October 19, 2011

(De-NWO Your Heart and Mind)

“The other day I did a tour around the internet, lots of NWO websites, and many things struck me. Firstly, I am glad that I am not participating in those kinds of discussions. Lots of coarse language and unnecessary arguing. I mean I admire the work of many, but not all, bloggers, but it is not a place for me. I do sort of think that there is a narrow male perspective at work in the truth community.

-Too much emphasis on planes or no planes or what have you. Very interesting for boys, I´m sure, but what is going on is so much bigger than one event and one could easily conclude that terroristic events are staged without ever getting at the heart of the matter.

-The other day I wrote critiquing very briefly the ´illuminati´ hypothesis, and now I am thinking that this is possibly arising from a male mistake– that ideas can transmit purely through spacetime, without really imagining the reality of how we transmit culture, through generations, meaning babies and nighttime changes and feedings. Any intergenerational hypothesis, and an intergenerational one is required, must account for this.

-Almost no attention to the person as the product. Men like abstract things like states and laws and borders. But it is what we believe the law is that usually precedes the change in the actual law. Look at American legislative and juridical history and compare is to history of ideas and you´ll see what I mean. Most people don´t know anything about anything about real case law but the ´living, breathing,´ constitution is written in their minds from television. For example, they simply decided internationally all at once to stop enforcing anti-obscenity laws. They didn´t have to lift a pen or change a word, but many people now believe there was some sort of ruling that proved their right to these sorts of things. Not true!

It is the person, his mind and heart they are shaping! What about education, family life, day care, contraception, abortion, feminism, fashion? Just as important as terror. All important. To create the kind of person they want. It´s about people.”

Personally, I don’t think it’s so much that being male is a help or a hinderance. There are advantages and drawbacks to being either gender (I should do a post on the privileges that come with being female, and the drawbacks of being male, just to counter the one-sided feminist talking point about male privilege).

Men bring spatial and rational intelligence, women bring social and emotional intelligence. That does not mean one is inherently more valuable than the other or more useful against the NWO. It’s like having a baseball team with all pitchers or all hitters (sorry UK readers, I would have said cricket, but remember the bowlers are also batsmen in cricket, so the comparison wouldn’t really work – yes in NL baseball the pitchers hit too, but not well; there are no ‘all-rounders’ in baseball, you get my point.). No, both are needed for the team to succeed!

And dare I say it you could, if you wanted to, put Curt Schilling in to bat fourth, and have A-Rod pitch. I’m sure they could do that, and they would cope with this arrangement to an extent, but there’s no chance of them being half as successful in these roles, which they are not suited to. Same goes with gender roles. As someone on SF insightfully said, “why change a winning team?”

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  1. October 20, 2011 16:37

    Ok, if I am not mistaken, that pic is from the classic module Through the Magic Mirror (or something)… From the room that corresponds to the Mat Hatters tea party, right? Did I nail it?

    • October 20, 2011 20:40

      Justin unfortunately I have no idea what you are talking about. lol! I can’t remember where I found this picture but it was on something about COINTELPRO I think.

  2. October 20, 2011 23:08

    Oh, darn! Well, I will look it up tonight and let you know…

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