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Links 24/Oct/11

October 24, 2011

TSA now searching for silver and gold! (gold confiscation in the 30s)

Twelfth Bough: MLK’s Nightmare

Vatican calls for world central bank

Why is BBC funding Somali radio station? (fingers, pies. also note they’re active in Serbia.)

European children being forced to bow to Islam

Growing revulsion at treatment of “Gaddafi’s” body (hard luck, well that’s the risk of working as someone’s double, eh? Doesn’t look like a woman to me, mind.)

Serbian ecology leader arrested for defying GMOs, chemtrails (a certain other Serb called Nikola would be proud. Speech subtitled/transcripted here)

Mercola’s review of “Forks Over Knives”

America lost by (going along with English WW1-2 lies by) stigmatizing Germans

Nigel Farage, many UK MPs want EU membership referendum

Pro-Israel hawk urges US to “get tough” with Pakistan
Don’t join the military today, you only help the people killing off the west, and help those same people kill off innocent foreigners, and then you become target #1 of the government when you ‘get out’. Join a militia instead, unless of course it’s run by the spooks, in which case remember you already are the militia.

Lithuania suing ‘Holocaust Survivors’? (96%? Certainly some were shot, it’s provable, but how do you know some didn’t move to then-Palestine? Notice the over-the-top Z lies about water hoses, if you want more of that simply search “Tales of the Holocaust” and you will find all you need about living for months buried alive, eating coal and shitting out diamonds, being fed to bears and then bones picked clean by eagles, etc etc etc. The only reason RT presents this the way they do is because it suits Russian interests to cause problems for the post soviet countries who are pro ‘western’ – that is, pro Rothschild. Bear in mind that “Lithuanians” were one of many minority ethnic groups represented prominently in the initial Bolshevik government that ruled Russia, although not as prominently as Zs of course. Very few early Soviet leaders were actual Russians, and the Soviets killed around 30 million Russians, Ukrainians etc, in the real shoah part 1. The real shoah part 2 being the murder and starvation of millions of Germans at the end of WW2.)

Fun and absurdity value…Waffle House Brawl

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