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Clearing Out

October 26, 2011

Been somewhat busy lately clearing my room of old stuff from my school years and had some mold from the walls removed, which may have been part of the reason for the decline in my health through my teens (despite the fact I have never been diagnosed of anything, I know the difference, and my academic grades knew the difference). However the Lord works in mysterious ways and I can honestly tell you if I had been perfectly healthy I would probably never have got to a point where I would commit, all-in, to find out the truth about what’s going on in this world (and frankly I may well have ended up on the ‘dark side’ myself, unwittingly of course). Most people are too comfortable to ‘worry’, as they see it, about such things. Having your head in the sand will offer little protection from the global population reduction agenda. The best you can hope for is to be the last lapdog to die, but at what price to your spirit?

Anyway, among the many things I threw out were the Lord of the Rings trilogy and my first edition copies of the Harry Potter series. I had to explain this to my mother who did not approve as it probably would seem wasteful to most people. But I couldn’t allow it to go to a charity shop because that would make me complicit in some other innocent child being subverted by this brotherhood satanic propaganda. And I couldn’t sell them or keep them with a view to selling them at some point, because then I would be making money off of brotherhood satanic propaganda. Really I should have burnt them but, meh.


Did anyone see the RT documentary yesterday about sex tourism in Asia? So sad. Postfeminist, lost white women looking for – well what they’re really looking for is patriarchy whether they know it or not – but they instead choose to further degrade themselves and in the process spread the cultural poison (as well as various diseases, probably) to these Asian (I think Indonesian but forgive me if I’m wrong) men who can’t believe their ‘luck’. Yeah, they’ll understand when their obedient, feminine Asian wives lose patience with them and embrace feminism instead. I think that’s how it started over here, feminism was a response to the bitter pill of the sexual revolution. Problem Reaction Solution.

What made me nearly cry was seeing the wife of one of these men (who earn a living helping these Eurotrash females defile themselves) say it was OK that he sleeps with other women to feed the family and she will obey him anyway. That is so sad, and such a violation of everything that is right, to see the wholesome innocent Asian family culture being poisoned like that. What must they think of us? More than that, most non-white peoples look to whites as being an example. What kind of example are these sex tourists setting? And saying they are ‘engbrews’ is a no-go, there were gentile women, from what the film showed it was mostly unhappy, lost gentile women. Yes there were some Aussies, but I digress. Europe and America need to undo this Frankfurt School subversion of our various, formerly honourable cultures.


Shame. We need shame. I am ashamed to live in a country that makes war on the world every day. Shame exists for a reason, it makes you better. The way we are told nowadays that virtually everything is “nothing to be ashamed of”, is a) untrue, b) patronising, and c) contributes to our tranceformation into NWO slaves.

You only get one shot here, make it count.

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  1. October 27, 2011 04:44

    Good job throwing out those evil books, did you replace them with the bible?

  2. October 27, 2011 14:39

    Thanks D. I have always had a bible, but yes, it would be a good trade for anyone!

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