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Joel Rosenburg – Engbrew Zionist Christian Spin Doctor

October 26, 2011



Elizabeth Dilling and Bella Dodd revealed the Illuminati Jewish (Communist) plan to de-Christianize Western Civilization. Now we see mainline, evangelical and fundamentalist churches infiltrated beyond recognition as a new form of propaganda has emerged: Propaganda Through Prophecy.

(Wikipedia) Joel C. Rosenberg (born 1967) has written five novels about terrorism and how it relates to Bible Prophecy. He has had his work published by the Wall Street Journal, National Review, and Policy Review. His father had been raised in an Orthodox Jewish household and his mother was born into a Methodist family of English descent. His parents were agnostic and became born-again Christians when he was a child. At the age of 17, he became a born-again Christian and now identifies as a Jewish believer in Jesus. Rosenberg opened a political consultancy business, advising former Israeli Deputy Prime Minister Natan Sharansky and then-former Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu where he garnered much of his information on the Middle East that he would later use in his books.

Sorry I just had to shift the focus a little from one half of the illuminati to the other, since everyone and his rabbi knows about the zionist element of the nwo, but everyone and his rabbi especially run away at the prospect of discussing anglozionism. Why? Why is it so hard to understand? Especially if you can fathom ‘j supremacism’, ok, super, now multiply it by 3 (not 33) and shift it to brithish-isarel and bang, you can understand the slave trade and financial terrorism and the drug trade. It’s not that hard, I guess it’s because hardly anyone knows how to recognise them. Sort of like how only a small number of people can recognise the crafty crypto club. Well the two foremost illuminist tribes have intermarried so much it’s often hard to tell the difference, I accept that. Which should make it even easier. But how is it people can be fooled by Dr Duke. Says me, the hypocrite. But really. It’s not that hard to understand.

As Max Keiser said to Alex Jones a couple of weeks ago, as an insider he wasn’t working with the j side of wall street, he was working with the ‘protestant’ (wasp) side. He understands.

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