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“Gaddafi” was flying white flag when killed?

October 27, 2011

or, his double, to be precise. I think the NATO powers probably let Gaddafi escape, for the same reason kings rarely kill other kings throughout history, because if it becomes OK to kill those with ‘bloodlines’, who knows where that might lead huh?

“Appearing on the Alex Jones Show today, investigative journalist Wayne Madsen said his sources in Libya provided information revealing Moammar Gaddafi was set-up in an assassination plot.

Early on October 19, Twitter messages from Gaddafi’s hometown of Sirte reported the presence of white flags across the devastated town. Flags were reported at multiple locations in the town, leaving some to believe the rebels were surrendering,

The use of white flags to signal surrender is an ancient tradition going back to the Eastern Han dynasty in China and the Roman Empire. Violating the widely accept convention is considered an act of extreme treachery.

Under both the Geneva and Hague protocols of international humanitarian law, it is forbidden to kill or injure persons hors de combat (outside of combat) and doing so constitutes a major war crime.

Madsen’s sources said Gaddafi was told to surrender to the al-Qaeda rebels besieging Sirte before morning prayers at 5 am, but that it was decided to surrender after the sun was well up in the sky so the white flags would be clearly visible.

It also appears likely the arrival of Secretary of State Clinton in Libya may have played into the plot and convinced Gaddafi to surrender.

According to official accounts, however, Gaddafi was attempting to flee Sirte and avoid surrender.”

Oh and I know this is based somewhat on Madsen’s sources, but he has dredged up all kinds of stuff before that sounds about right, including Obama’s bath house visits with Rahmbo, and Dubya’s groom of the stole. lol.

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