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Links 28/Oct/11

October 28, 2011

US fury as Karzai backs Pakistan

Resentment builds in Libya’s devastated Sirte

Pure Gold: Peter Schiff Debates Occupy Wall Streeters

Prince Charles related to Dracula (oh boy, that is something. Looks like Icke was right as the commenter says)

Occupy LSX to take on the Big Boys

Occupy Oakland – US Marine vet shot in face by CS canister; police add flashbang for good measure

Both left and right wing media cheer Gaddafi killing

Iran Air ace lands plane with no nose gear (due to sanctions, Iran cannot buy planes or parts. Sanctions are an act of war. UN sanctions killed 1 million Iraqis including 500,000 children during the 90s, due to artificially induced poverty.)

Lew Rockwell – The Worst Rise To The Top

Eastern Europeans steal chewing gum for currency

Why Modern, Western Marriage Has Become A Bad Business Decision For Men (personally, I believe marriage is a contract with God, and never with the state, especially with the Divorce Racket being the way it is today. I also believe that not *having* to work is, ideally, one of the privileges of being a wife. However I think a lot of things that needed to be said, are said there.)

A Feminist Has an Epiphany, Sort Of

Claiming I owe you? Show me the IOU!

Santorum: Dead foreign scientists a ‘wonderful thing’ (MI6/Mossad/CIA murderers)

Hiker survives 10 days in B.C. mountains

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