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How Occupy LSX is being marginalised

October 30, 2011

The mantra repeated without question from our media is that they are ‘anti-capitalist’. Now, I may be wrong, but I don’t see very many capitalists left in the City. Lots of pirates and financial terrorists, yes, but they are not capitalists if they get bailed out instead of crashing and burning like they should have, like the market naturally does to fraudsters.

I don’t know what the exact views of the people at OLSX are, but even if they were anti-capitalist (i.e. socialist, presumably), which is dubious, this has nothing to do with protesting the digital debtocrats in London who have taken all of our futures away. And I’m not talking about stock prices.

I knew a kid once (who looked a lot like the guy in the video), who was a real actual communist. I’m not sure that he ever explained why he believes what he does at all. He just did. I mean, eating the rich can’t be bad, right? Coincidentally he also liked Metal and ‘Satan, yeah’ [accompanied by hook’em horns]. Hope he stayed away from drugs at least.

Here is the smear this week, lies from the national media saying the protestors’ tents were empty.

“you are one person and you don’t get to decide why we are all here”

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