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Daylight Saving Time – Tool of Control?

November 5, 2011

(Daylight Saving Time Explained)

You may have noticed that, in this country, the debate is not whether or not DST should exist, but whether we should keep it year round or even be +1 in the winter and +2 in the summer. Insane. The whole point of the 24 hour day is to follow the sun, and follow our biological connection to day and night. If you really want to be disconnected from the rotation of the Earth so much, why not just have 30 hour days instead? Makes about as much sense as having MIDDAY at 1 or 2pm.

If having ‘more light‘ is the aim, then why not move working hours back by an hour from 8-4 instead of 9-5, and move schools back an hour so they open at 8 and close at 2-2:30 as well. Oh I forgot, that would make the public notice, you wouldn’t want to do that.

Just like how inflation allows you to tax the serfs and cut their wages without them noticing. Just like how businesses selling food in smaller denominations for the same price lets them effectively raise prices without the public noticing. What a gullible bunch we are.

“Another subtle yet devastating aspect of the global conspiracy is their manipulation of calendars, clocks, and our perception of time. We are being enslaved by man-made mechanisms and systems for keeping time. Not only are we wage-slaves to bankers, governments, bosses, and land-owners, but we are also time-slaves to our watches, clocks, and calendars. We slave to 9-5 school and work days. We slave to 5-day school and work weeks. We are spiritual slaves to Greenwich Mean Time, the Gregorian calendar, and an unnatural 7-day week.

If you follow the sun and moon to keep track of time instead of clocks and watches, many things change. If stores open at sun-up and close at sun-down, managers cannot anally enforce punching time cards. If you tell your friends to meet you at the river when the sun touches the tree line, you naturally, patiently wait for them while watching a beautiful sunset. If you tell your friends to meet you at the mall at 7:30pm, then you must constantly look at your wrist or the wall watching a series of cumulatively frustrating numbers.”

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