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7 Billion Beautiful People

November 7, 2011

(Activist Post)

“Last week the United Nations announced that the world is now inhabited by 7 billion human beings. This news was accompanied by an onslaught of media propaganda relating to the so-called “overpopulation” issue. This kind of hysteria is nothing new; the imagined overpopulation crisis has been used by elites for over 200 years to justify their mistreatment of the general public.

Every single time throughout history that the human population has increased significantly, the commoners have been told that the growth of their community would result in chaos and mass scarcity of resources. Of course, these predictions have never come to pass because the Earth’s human population actually has very little to do with the scarcity that exists on this planet. The scarcity of resources that leads to many of our major problems is the result of the actions that humans are taking while on this Earth — if people respected each other and their environment then we could easily sustain another 7 billion people on top of what we already have. To fully understand the overpopulation scam, let’s take a look at where some of these ideas originated.

An aristocrat by the name of Thomas Malthus was one of the first people to come forward with these ideas in a public work. In a 1798 publication called “An Essay on the Principle of Population” Malthus suggested that planned food shortages could be used to decrease the population of the poor through starvation. This was the root for the idea of “population control,” because a large population is very difficult for the elite to manage while retaining their own wealth and power.

Malthus suggested that the streets should be made narrower and more people should be crowded into living quarters to encourage conditions that would bring back the plague.

In that same essay he said that villages should be built next to stagnant pools where germs could fester and all remedies and cures would only be available to those who could afford it.

In his own words, “we are bound in justice and honor formally to disclaim the right of the poor to support. To this end, I should propose a regulation be made declaring that no child born should ever be entitled to parish assistance. This infant is comparatively speaking, of little value to society, as others will immediately supply its place…All children beyond what would be required to keep up the population to this level must perish, unless room be made for them by the deaths of grown persons.” [1]

So, basically what he was suggesting was establishing a national limit on child births, and executing any child that was born past that limit. In the times of Malthus many elite circles were publicly speculating that if the world’s population were to exceed 3 billion people there would be mass famine and destruction of all the resources on Earth. Obviously, they were all very wrong. Malthus was wrong about many things, but nonetheless his ideas have had a profound and sinister impact on the way our civilization has progressed.

Population control rhetoric implies that the working class is poor not because of inequality and corruption, but because there are just too many of them and not enough resources to go around. This lie is incredibly offensive when you take a look at the vast disparities that exist in the world, where there is literally a ruling class and a serf class almost everywhere you look.

Today the leading causes for hunger and poverty are war, displacement, lack of infrastructure and overexploited resources (usually on the part of large governments and multinational corporations), but nowhere on the planet is overpopulation officially recognized as having any part in world hunger. In fact, there is more than enough food produced in today’s industrialized agriculture industry to feed the whole world and then some, but unfortunately some people can’t afford that food and others live in areas where there isn’t even proper infrastructure to transport it. Reducing the global population would still not help the remaining people get food; therefore, it would have no effect on world hunger or poverty. Thinning out the population and making it easier to maintain has been a goal of the aristocracy since ancient times and it continues to this day.

In many oppressive societies throughout history the ruling class has sought to control every aspect of the citizen’s life — even breeding. This was suggested by Plato in The Republic; selective breeding and controlling the population growth of the underclass has been an obsession of elites even since the time of ancient Greece.

Through the centuries the idea of selective breeding has grown into a silent method of warfare, waged over centuries against the working class and Third World populations. Many of the major contributors to this eugenics-based movement are praised as great progressives by the education system, media and pop culture. Despite their popular status these people have introduced some very negative and destructive ideas into the human consciousness; ideas that have been mostly unquestioned and uninvestigated by mainstream culture.

According to Professor Steven W. Mosher of the international Population Research Institute, the populations in Europe and North America would actually be in decline if it were not for people migrating into the country. [2]

The number of births taking place worldwide have been in sharp decline over the past 20 years. If this trend continues then the world’s population will quickly peak and then begin a mysterious and dangerous decline. Furthermore, to suggest that reducing the global population will actually improve the quality of life for the people who remain is resting upon the misconception that hunger is a result of overpopulation.

As we discussed earlier, the true causes of hunger are poverty, war, and lack of infrastructure — all problems that could be solved without thinning the world’s population. To improve life for people on Earth we need to find ways to get people what they need; and reducing the amount of people will not help the ones who are left get what they need.

The overwhelming majority of the world’s wealth, resources, and human ingenuity is wasted on war and domination, controlled by a select few mis-managers with a warped worldview. There should be no question whatsoever about why there isn’t enough to go around.”

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  1. November 8, 2011 08:20

    AdamS one of the funny things about the elite and their fantasies about always being the pinnacle of mankind is their auto-constriction of thought to a RISC. They are the stupidest, most deluded, people on the planet and should not be allowed to breed. It is this universal constant state of muppetry of the elite that makes my whiskers twitch and I form the question “What is making them so dumb?”

    On a personal note I take pleasure in finally having the adjective denoting pulchritude, if not down right handsomeness, used to describe me even though it is in the aggregate and I’m subsumed in the lumpen proles. I love that drivers face, is he laughing or crying?

    • November 8, 2011 20:29

      Incoming I like to think of the car as a metaphor for the elite’s best laid plans.

      So yes, the driver, the human enabler of the car’s mobility, may be crying outwardly for the vehicle but laughing inwardly for himself, at the prospect of it finally tipping over.

  2. November 8, 2011 15:54

    Were Malthus’s methods put into effect shortly after he published them, in Ireland c. 1840?

    • November 8, 2011 20:23

      In short, yes. You could also argue the same MO was in place in the Ukraine a century later.

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