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Keiser Report 12/Nov/11

November 13, 2011

Silver imports causing problems for UK tyrants? Ha!

Also featuring Mike Gravel.

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  1. November 13, 2011 11:59

    AdamS, sometimes the stress and strain of being a Master Bomber can lead to a certain tension in even the sturdiest of souls. Maximum needs an infusion of Redbush and a foot massage from the ladies of Hoi An.

  2. November 13, 2011 20:45

    One of my fav. movies.

    • November 13, 2011 22:41

      It was the book later that brought me here, more than anything else. The authors try to skirt around it, but it’s hard to avoid that certain interests wanted war for war’s sake. Now that’s some severe cognitive dissonance!

      • November 14, 2011 00:15

        For me it was Hancock, though my boss at the time was a Saangralist and kept urging I read, sped read in the dining car of the L. Euston to G. Central in Spring 1995.

        He got something, though he lost the plot subsequently.

        Something had disappeared, something was remembered, something remained.

        So someone decided to kill off all the memory whilst re-occupying the resultant vacant space.

        The real problem with the human population is that they do not know that the perps have unlimited time to reassemble their remembered construct. A construct that was heathen, for that is why it was destroyed. We occupy their territory and they aim remove us all.

        Not a happy prospect AdamS. Oh, apart from the fact that the perps will be destroyed again.

        As the great lesson of Laurel and Hardy demonstrated, again and again in their movies, the good guys don’t know their power until the heathen call.

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