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The Most Abhorrent Thing About Political Correctness

November 13, 2011

(continued from the hebrew resident’s report.)

It’s the premise you don’t see or discuss that is the one the social engineers really want you to accept as truth.

For instance, the average person who gets their information from TV may be able to have a spirited debate about austerity, and whether or not there should be taxes on the rich, taxes on everyone, and/or cuts to public services. But they never see the premise they are accepting, that government is just, and the markets are free and not run by perpetual fraud enabled because our monetary system is in essence legally sanctioned theft by whoever controls the issuing of currency.

So it is with political correctness, the cause of almost a postmodern schizophrenia. The people defending self-censorship and the mass censorship of public discourse, have unquestioningly accepted the premise that every member of the public*, including themselves presumably, is just filled with Hate and this Hate has to be continually suppressed by the full force of government, education, media and business.

Is it any wonder that society generally is breaking down?

What if you were to find out that, behind the PC mask, there is very little hate as advertised, and mostly love? And that most of the people who really really hate are the ones who come up with these Frankfurterschule cultural memes in order to make the population easier to control? Training people is little different to training animals.

* well, everyone, but especially whites, males, the old, herterosexuals and Christians, of course. That makes me a 4-star demographic thought criminal. Cool! Wouldn’t be allowed to speak at an Occupy group though, at least unless I was preceded by someone 2-stars or less. Equality at last!

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  1. Aeve permalink
    November 16, 2011 03:57

    I agree, yes most of us don’t want to see harm come to our neighbours, even if we wish sometimes they weren’t our next door neighbours :o) I believe most of us on this planet, who still have empathy, are loving and would rather do good for someone than hurt them.

    As I see the elite have worked hard for a long time to make us believe we are a fallen race who have always been dependent upon their hearding. What a crock of hooey. But the sad thing is we have been fooled into being dependent on them. Let’s encourage those who still have creative minds to think of ways to be independent from them and think of alternatives to the current systems of govt. Maybe if we wonder why there are more choices of cereal than ways of governing (and political parties to choose from) and why we are told democracy (more trickery to give our power away) is the best of the bad bunch. Hmmm.. sounds like we have also been discouraged from knowing about infinite possibilites. No wonder art and music are being phased out of schools.

    • November 16, 2011 18:17

      Well that’s what it’s all about really, beyond the money and even the power, the wicked ones and their ritual minders want your soul. But they cannot take it by force.

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