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Links 9/Nov/11

November 9, 2011

Are The Elites On The Run?

Why Iceland Should Be in the News, But Is Not

That secret nuclear facility in Syria? It’s a textile factory, researchers say in new report

Perverse Masonic Initiations Pervade Society

Russian craft going to Mars’ moon ‘fails’.

UK savers lose £43 billion – theft via inflation

The charges made against Robert Green

Spare a thought for ‘george4title’

Lights out in area of Detroit

The joys of our “free” “health” “care” system

The wise old man at the Wise temple delivers the unwelcome good news – zionists get violent

Irate CoD customer threatens store (clearly, his threats were empty. He brought an R3 button to an R1 button fight. Sigh.)

Russia Opens Nord Stream Pipeline

November 8, 2011

Medical industry admits current flu shots are useless

November 8, 2011

(NaturalNews) The medical community is in the process of unveiling a “universal” influenza vaccine that it claims will prevent all flu strains with a single jab. The only problem is that, in the process, the system has inadvertently admitted that current flu shots are medically useless because they fail to target the correct flu strain in many cases, and they do not stimulate a natural flu-fighting immune response even when the strain is a match.

A recent report by CBS 11 News in Dallas / Fort Worth explains that researchers from the University of Texas (UT) Southwestern Medical Center in Dallas have identified a compound they say spurs the growth of a key protein known as REDD-1, which prevents cells from becoming infected. By injecting this compound into patients, REDD-1 will increase, say the researchers, and thus effectively prevent any strain of flu from taking hold.

But what about current flu vaccines? Dr. Beatrice Fontoura, one of the head researchers involved with the new universal flu shot, explained to CBS 11 that it works differently than current flu shots because it “stimulates our own (immune) response which is already there and boost[s] it to fight an infection.”

In other words, flu shots being sold today at pharmacies across the country do not actually promote natural immunity at all, which begs an important question. If current flu shots do not boost the immune response, then what, exactly, are they good for?

Learn more:

7 Billion Beautiful People

November 7, 2011

(Activist Post)

“Last week the United Nations announced that the world is now inhabited by 7 billion human beings. This news was accompanied by an onslaught of media propaganda relating to the so-called “overpopulation” issue. This kind of hysteria is nothing new; the imagined overpopulation crisis has been used by elites for over 200 years to justify their mistreatment of the general public.

Every single time throughout history that the human population has increased significantly, the commoners have been told that the growth of their community would result in chaos and mass scarcity of resources. Of course, these predictions have never come to pass because the Earth’s human population actually has very little to do with the scarcity that exists on this planet. The scarcity of resources that leads to many of our major problems is the result of the actions that humans are taking while on this Earth — if people respected each other and their environment then we could easily sustain another 7 billion people on top of what we already have. To fully understand the overpopulation scam, let’s take a look at where some of these ideas originated.

An aristocrat by the name of Thomas Malthus was one of the first people to come forward with these ideas in a public work. In a 1798 publication called “An Essay on the Principle of Population” Malthus suggested that planned food shortages could be used to decrease the population of the poor through starvation. This was the root for the idea of “population control,” because a large population is very difficult for the elite to manage while retaining their own wealth and power.

Malthus suggested that the streets should be made narrower and more people should be crowded into living quarters to encourage conditions that would bring back the plague.

In that same essay he said that villages should be built next to stagnant pools where germs could fester and all remedies and cures would only be available to those who could afford it.

In his own words, “we are bound in justice and honor formally to disclaim the right of the poor to support. To this end, I should propose a regulation be made declaring that no child born should ever be entitled to parish assistance. This infant is comparatively speaking, of little value to society, as others will immediately supply its place…All children beyond what would be required to keep up the population to this level must perish, unless room be made for them by the deaths of grown persons.” [1]

So, basically what he was suggesting was establishing a national limit on child births, and executing any child that was born past that limit. In the times of Malthus many elite circles were publicly speculating that if the world’s population were to exceed 3 billion people there would be mass famine and destruction of all the resources on Earth. Obviously, they were all very wrong. Malthus was wrong about many things, but nonetheless his ideas have had a profound and sinister impact on the way our civilization has progressed.

Population control rhetoric implies that the working class is poor not because of inequality and corruption, but because there are just too many of them and not enough resources to go around. This lie is incredibly offensive when you take a look at the vast disparities that exist in the world, where there is literally a ruling class and a serf class almost everywhere you look.

Today the leading causes for hunger and poverty are war, displacement, lack of infrastructure and overexploited resources (usually on the part of large governments and multinational corporations), but nowhere on the planet is overpopulation officially recognized as having any part in world hunger. In fact, there is more than enough food produced in today’s industrialized agriculture industry to feed the whole world and then some, but unfortunately some people can’t afford that food and others live in areas where there isn’t even proper infrastructure to transport it. Reducing the global population would still not help the remaining people get food; therefore, it would have no effect on world hunger or poverty. Thinning out the population and making it easier to maintain has been a goal of the aristocracy since ancient times and it continues to this day.

In many oppressive societies throughout history the ruling class has sought to control every aspect of the citizen’s life — even breeding. This was suggested by Plato in The Republic; selective breeding and controlling the population growth of the underclass has been an obsession of elites even since the time of ancient Greece.

Through the centuries the idea of selective breeding has grown into a silent method of warfare, waged over centuries against the working class and Third World populations. Many of the major contributors to this eugenics-based movement are praised as great progressives by the education system, media and pop culture. Despite their popular status these people have introduced some very negative and destructive ideas into the human consciousness; ideas that have been mostly unquestioned and uninvestigated by mainstream culture.

According to Professor Steven W. Mosher of the international Population Research Institute, the populations in Europe and North America would actually be in decline if it were not for people migrating into the country. [2]

The number of births taking place worldwide have been in sharp decline over the past 20 years. If this trend continues then the world’s population will quickly peak and then begin a mysterious and dangerous decline. Furthermore, to suggest that reducing the global population will actually improve the quality of life for the people who remain is resting upon the misconception that hunger is a result of overpopulation.

As we discussed earlier, the true causes of hunger are poverty, war, and lack of infrastructure — all problems that could be solved without thinning the world’s population. To improve life for people on Earth we need to find ways to get people what they need; and reducing the amount of people will not help the ones who are left get what they need.

The overwhelming majority of the world’s wealth, resources, and human ingenuity is wasted on war and domination, controlled by a select few mis-managers with a warped worldview. There should be no question whatsoever about why there isn’t enough to go around.”

The Rules of the Game

November 7, 2011

The goyim and other rabble non-rabbi scum can sit in the corner quietly without being arrested.

If you’re a hebrew, you can criticise islam without being arrested.

If you’re english, you can criticise the hebrews without being arrested.

And nobody can criticise the english.

Am I roughly right there?

“Every day, more gather. Eyes are opening and the shackles of apathy loosening” – Occupy LSX

November 6, 2011

Okay, best just to post this without me telling you what you probably already know to be wrong with what is said here. I just hope these people have it within them to see through the academic pseudo-marxist ‘global village’ ‘the collective is greater than the individual’ brainwashing they have been force fed from day one in government education systems, which as you can see here, are failing us. Although I suppose I agree with them about what is called ‘free trade’, and the arbitrary public-private property distinction police use today when people like EOK speak in public.

“The Occupy Movement has already changed the debate. Whereas previously systems such as capitalism or two-party democracy were taken as unquestioned “goods”, now the very essence of our political-economy is up for mainstream discussion. In many ways, this was precisely our goal.

For too long, neoliberal doctrine reigned unchallenged. Success or failure were seen as solely the responsibility of the individual; state regulation constructed as a hindrance to be curtailed and reduced to a minimum; the unfettered ‘market’ a wand that would always and everywhere optimise output and distribution. To publicly question these ideas was unthinkable. But no longer.

This is crucial; even in terms set by the liberal-democratic establishment. Few would deny the importance of free flows of information to a well functioning democracy. Yet under neoliberalism, precisely those flows were impeded, as public media became concentrated in the hands of a very wealthy few and universities found their funding slashed. Dominant ideologies were consequently re-hashed and the space for alternatives was closed. We are redressing that balance.

And we’re not stopping there. If we really want to engage the 99% and shake up the system we see as unjust, un-democratic and unsustainable, we must keep moving forward, provoking thought and forcing debate. At Tent City University, Occupy London’s educational arm, we’re doing just that. Every day we host speakers ranging from world-renowned economists to mothers analysing the devastation that austerity has visited on their communities. Every day a few more people gather here and go home asking questions they previously wouldn’t have asked. Eyes are opening and the shackles of apathy are loosening.

But education isn’t just about eye-opening debate. It represents, in our understanding, a radical platform for challenging the very legitimacy of existing power relations. This is happening in at least three ways.

The first relates to our approach to learning. Though many of us come from academic backgrounds, we recognise that the structure of contemporary academia can and does reproduce both the injustices of the dominant political-economic system and the class divisions and inequality on which this rests. As Brazilian educationalist Paulo Freire argued, ‘there is no such thing as a neutral education process’. In the context of the contemporary neoliberal ‘marketisation’ of universities, education functions less as a creator of critical, free-thinking human beings and more as a production chain for the integration of the young into the market economy. Related to this, the myth of equal access to education and the process of grade-standardisation has led university qualifications to become a pillar of social hierarchisation. In today’s marketplace, those with a Masters are ‘worth’ more than those without a degree, the accumulation of qualifications thus constituting a path to the accumulation of status, wealth and power.

We reject this. Our motto is ‘anyone can teach, everyone can learn’ and we seek to promote an approach to learning that prioritises process over end-point and values the skills all of us have to share and the capacity all of us have to learn. Our workshops are therefore given by bicycle mechanics and electricians as well as by academics, and every speaker sits among the crowd as we discuss what has been said. What matters here is not the graded piece of paper; it is the process of learning and the new directions which emerge from it.

This relates to our second challenge – to break down some of the communication barriers constructed by the dominant status quo. While research increasingly reveals that humans are hard-wired to be empathetic, recent neurobiological studies have demonstrated that empathy is reduced by lack of interaction and mobility across social groups. In our society, these divisions are especially acute. We believe this to be a significant contributing factor to injustice and inequality. And so by creating a space in which people from all walks of life can come together; by having ex-bankers share stories of the wrongs of their industry; and by having migrant workers tell of the abuses they face as they clean the buildings that house this industry; we strive to challenge and overcome the many forms of division, privilege and discrimination that separate us from each other and prevent us from uniting to overcome injustice. We know that by offering this space we are only just beginning to bridge these divides and we recognize that to overcome them we must listen especially closely to those who have been denied a voice. But what we are attempting to build here is a context in which new collectivities and communities can emerge.

Our third challenge regards the use of public space. Though, intuitively, British citizens may assume they have the right to peacefully assemble at the heart of the nation’s capital to voice grievances and air concerns, in reality they do not. As in city centres across the country, many of London’s nominally public squares and thoroughfares have been parcelled off to private landowners or corporations who have the right to legally exclude anyone from rough sleepers to protesting students. Again, we reject this. And one way in which we contest the authority that underpins it is through our ‘flash teach-outs’ – a combination of education and direct action, where we assemble un-expected and en masse to stage public lectures and host open debates. Already, after the success of our teach-outs in front of the Bank of England, the Corporation of London has fenced off what most previously thought the ‘public’ square outside it. When asked why they had done so, they told us it was to ‘prevent disruption’. If, in 21st Century Britain, public debate constitutes ‘disruption’, then we intend to continue disrupting, because an authority that excludes the people from the people’s land no longer governs with popular assent.

At Tent City University, as at Occupy London more widely, we at may not yet have all the answers; indeed, this may be our very strength. But what we do know is that the system is failing us, and it is here, now and in these ways that we are working towards building an alternative. If you’d like to get involved in any way you choose, please visit our website or come along in person to one of our many talks and workshops.”

Occupy Newcastle fights with fascist groups (left-right paradigm facepalm)

“Born again Christian” actress returns to UK, didn’t pay her employees

November 6, 2011

I have been keeping tabs on this story for a while. Allegedly, this English woman “found God” and moved to California to live a more religious life, at least, that’s what the newspapers said. To say I found this dubious would be an understatement, but I am still disappointed to report that yes, the predictable result is the one that transpired. (Notice she scammed the Irish woman, so this story is probably quite funny for the spooks at the Mail.)

You get used to this stuff when the only character I can think of in any major UK soap, who became a born-again Christian on-screen*, turned into an on-screen lesbian within a few months – the message being rather clear, Christians are faggots and hypocrites. If atheists, not to mention any other religious group, were portrayed in such a manner, they would be furious and you would never hear the last of it.

“Former EastEnders star Danniella Westbrook is being chased for unpaid wages in America after making a sudden and unexpected return to the UK.

The 38-year-old actress, a born-again Christian who recently revealed how Jesus had saved her, moved to California last year to start a new life.

The former drug addict bought Barkingham Palace, a dog-grooming business, but the lease of the building is now up for sale and the actress moved out of her rented house ten days ago.

And former staff member Judie Callan claims Westbrook owes her £7,500 in unpaid wages.

Callan claims the actress’s sudden decision to go home has left her out of pocket and flies in the face of the Christian values the star espouses.

‘She is a hypocrite. She owes me in excess of $10,000. I don’t know if I will ever get my money.’”

* yes I know I’m crossing the boundary between fiction and reality. But I do so to illustrate the level of evil in our Anglofascist culture, which may help explain the eternal question Americans and other foreigners have about “why do Brits put up with so much”. Because they don’t know any different! They don’t know better. That’s why your Occupy protestors are not commie in general, but ours are.

Links 6/Nov/11

November 6, 2011

Here’s the Army Ranger the Oakland Police Brutally Attacked

A Chill Descends On Occupy Wall Street; “The Leaders of the allegedly Leaderless Movement”

Daily Bell argues against Tobin tax (hey, I find it hard not to back an anti-tax argument, but it’s these people who want everyone else to pay taxes to them but avoid paying anything themselves. I say stick the pirates with a bill for once, at least until such a time as they go away and leave the people of the world in peace. All that derivative crap they trade is ‘legal’ fraud anyway, they should all be arrested like Madoff.)

Greenspan Was Worried that the U.S. Would Pay Off It’s Debt, Causing the Fed to “Lose Control of Monetary Policy” … So He Suggested Tax Cuts for the Wealthy to INCREASE the Debt

ADL poll finds over 80% of Americans afraid to give truthful answer (note the obligatory, yet irrelevant footnote.)

Catholic Church behind thousands of Pornographic/Satanic/Black Magic Books – 2nd Largest German Publisher owned in full by Catholic Church! (and read comment about Protestant Churches’ abuses too)

Muslim nut jobs burn down office of French magazine for mocking the paedophile Muhammad

This was posted on Icke’s site. Ignore the subject matter of the video, they can play pretend ‘wedding’ with horses for all I care (well we do allow the royals to marry don’t we?), what matters is the media reads from a central script like a horde of zombies.

What’s his problem? (AFC = Average Frustrated Chump, I think.)

This one IS a hate crime – victim is Mexican

Vigilant Citizen’s symbolic pics of the month

1972 Plot to Genocide the Irish?

November 6, 2011

It’s a fair point, that wars have been ‘justified’ based on less.

“The plan would have ordered the forcible removal of 200,000 to 300,000 Irish Catholics out of Northern Ireland and into the Republic of Ireland. Protestants would also be forced to migrate. A total of one-third of Northern Ireland’s population would be shuffled around.

The appendix states categorically that such a plan could not be accomplished peacefully and would require complete ruthlessness “in the use of force.”

The document, Redrawing the Border and Population Transfer, was signed by Sir Burke Trend, Heath’s cabinet secretary (in office from 1963 to 1973). It was written jointly by representatives of the foreign secretary, the defence secretary and the British secretary for Northern Ireland, among others.

Evidently, the British rulers did not bother consulting with Ireland’s prime minister, Jack Lynch (served 1966-1977), about the drastic measure, nor with Catholic or Protestant leaders.

The officials advised Heath: “We have, as requested, considered the possibility of redrawing the border with the republic and effecting compulsory transfers of population within Northern Ireland or from Northern Ireland to the republic.”

Under the terms of this scheme, which the drafters said should be considered only in case of an “extremely grave emergency,” London’s ruling class intended to cede some territory on the border to the Irish Republic, from which land some 200,000 Protestants would then be moved into what remained of British Northern Ireland. At the same time, some 300,000 Catholics would be forced into the Republic of Ireland.

British officials noted that “military planning [was] well in hand” for the purpose of effecting the dual transfers, but recognized that there was the possibility of “outrage from the United States and other British allies” and that the scheme would be problematic in terms of implementation.

However, the fact remains that the so-called “democratic” government of Britain was actually considering such a plan. The only reason the plan was rejected was due to practical grounds, rather than any principled objection to the forced resettlement of half a million people.

Had the plan been carried out, both the Irish Catholics and the Irish Protestants could have charged the British government with genocide under the terms of the international Genocide Convention. Genocide is defined in the convention as the commission of any of a number of enumerated acts “with the specific intent to destroy, in whole or in part, a national, ethnic, racial, or religious group.”

The acts specifically cited in implementing legislation for the convention include killing, inflicting serious bodily injury, or causing mental impairment through torture or drugs of members of the group.

Also cited is the subjection of the victimized group to conditions of life designed to bring about its demise, restricting births within the group or transferring, by force, children of the group to another group.

Certainly, the forced and forced transfer of the Irish people would therefore constitute the crime of genocide.

It is interesting to note that in 1999, the Tony Blair government of Britain faked “outrage” over allegations that the Yugoslavian government of Slobodan Milosevic had drawn up a plan to forcibly relocate Kosovo’s ethnic Albanian population.

No evidence of this claimed plan, designated “Operation Horseshoe,” was ever presented.

Yet the British ruling class asserted that the very possibility of the existence of such a plan justified NATO’s ensuing bombardment of Yugoslavia, which inevitably killed at least 500 civilians (some sources say 1,200 to 5,700).

There has been no call by the present British government for the 1972 British genociders to be held to account.”

Raw Milk Ban Spreads to Ireland

Google is disturbed by the results people find when entering “J”

November 6, 2011

Found this by coincidence today. Ha.

Fear not! They have a special page for the special people.

So the question becomes, is it now anti-davidic to type the three letter J word into a search engine? I anxiously await Abe 666man’s announcement on this vital issue.

ADL admits it’s because, Esther forbid, so called ‘hate’ sites are actually the most popular.

Meanwhile, I will get angry and complain about the offensive results I find when I type “motor boating” into Google. Where’s my special privilege not to be offended? Waaaaa I want my privilege!!! ‘God’ gave this privilege to me!!!!

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