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Links 12/Nov/11

November 12, 2011

Super Globalist to Replace Berlusconi

I’m impressed if this is true – Libyan Greens fight on without Gaddafi?

CNBC cans debate poll because Ron Paul was leading

‘Independent’: Conspiracy Theories Spreading Like A Vaccine Delivered Race Specific Bioweapon Due To Modern Technology

11 shocking things you now realize to be true (but you never would have believed just three years ago)

Hebrewess 1, proud of how relatively gentile she looks, explains what happens when Muslims run an American county

Hebrewess 2 asks NYC…has political correctness gone too far?

Patriotic, Brave IDF Heroes Pose With Sniveling Captured Terrorist

The truth about life as a lap dancer

Women bloggers call for stop to ‘hateful’ trolling by ‘misogynist’ men (Men need feminists like a fish needs a harpoonist riding a bicycle. They aren’t ‘liberated’, they are in reality married to the State. What, you wanted to be ‘Equal’ to men, but not when it comes to defending yourself? You sowed the wind, you reap the whirlwind, as they say. No that’s not quite true actually, you bought into a globalist-male invention, feminism, that was designed for this exact outcome. Although certainly damnable on its own, one rape threat (are you sure it was 1. real, and 2. even from a male? because I’m not) doesn’t stack well against endless propaganda, brainwashing, bias, feminist cackling about women cutting mens’ dicks off, etc.)

The Entirety of Humanity Must Be Reprogrammed

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